Marketing RFP Issued By The Frederick County Economic Development Authority

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) by the Frederick County Economic Development Authority (EDA), on behalf of The Business & Education Workforce Initiative, is to solicit sealed Proposals from interested offerors to provide development and subsequent management of a marketing campaign. 

EDA is seeking consultant services from interested marketing firms with prior experiences in developing, guiding and/or advising a multi-faceted and strategic image marketing effort. This RFP seeks development and subsequent management of a marketing campaign, that will create a positive fundamental shift in the way our community views career opportunities. The Business & Education Workforce Initiative is a partnership of local businesses, educators, administrators, workforce development partners, and community advocates collaborating to ensure employers have a skilled and able workforce.


The Business & Education Workforce Initiative has undertaken an initiative to develop current and future workforce in the region. Vision: By 2023 our community will have a skilled workforce that meets the needs of local employers. Students and potential employees will understand the skills required to function independently in society, will know and demonstrate required work skills and the community will provide ways to achieve these skills. Students and potential employees will gain needed skills thus closing the skills gap which, will increase the number of eligible and skilled candidates within our community. Business, education and community stakeholders will partner to create initiatives that will ensure a well prepared and trained workforce through open communication, collaboration, active participation and monetary investments. The community will shift its mentality of university for every high school graduate and instead understand and appreciate the full range of career opportunities available for students. The community will understand that technical careers are valuable and have a purpose within our community. They will also understand and support the means by which these skills are obtained. Mission: The Business & Education Workforce Initiative will foster partnerships that support workforce opportunities and career journeys. Target Audience: The audience is the local community including businesses, educators, parents, students, citizens, and community stakeholders

Scope of Work:

3.1 CONTRACT: The EDA proposes to enter into a one-year contract with, one (1), one (1) year renewal option with an Offeror. The services shall include but are not limited to the following:

3.2 MARKETING CAMPAIGN: Development and implementation of a marketing campaign for the Business & Education Workforce Initiative which includes:

3.2.1 Branding and image creation; 

3.2.2 Development of a logo which effectively communicates the message of the initiative;

3.3 MEDIA ADVOCACY: Development and implementation of a comprehensive media advocacy plan that will use deliverables to promote, encourage, and create change;

3.4 MEDIA PLAN: Development and implementation of a comprehensive media plan to include:

3.4.1 Use of all media forms including but not limited to social, broadcast, television, and print;

3.4.2 Ongoing media presence; 

3.4.3 Consistent dissemination of message to broad range of media outlets, and;

3.4.4 Leverage of earned media; 

3.5 WEBSITE: Creation of a Business & Education Workforce Initiative website where:

3.5.1 Offeror will present most appropriate content and website design based on desire and stated purpose of Workforce Initiative;

3.5.2 Offeror will propose most appropriate features and widgets to include on website;

3.5.3 Website must be mobile responsive;

3.6 IMAGE: Development of a Business & Education Workforce Initiative image and message that will:

3.6.1 Conduct/examine research to identify key audiences, themes, and words that resonate with target audience;

3.6.2 Utilize research to develop an appropriate and recognizable URL (handle);

3.7 SOCIAL MEDIA: Development and implementation of social media content that encompasses:

3.7.1 The best platforms for the geographic region and demographics;

3.7.2 Creation of a content schedule;

3.7.3 Proposed strategies for exponential organic reach;

3.7.4 Leverage of community stakeholders, business partners and school system methods;

3.7.5 Reasoning for platforms presented;

3.7.6 Proposed template for kind of content;

3.8 STANDARDIZED GENERAL AWARENESS PRESENTATION TEMPLATE: A template designed to be customizable for different audiences when delivering presentations regarding the Workforce Initiative Model. The template should include an overview of the vision, mission, goals, and Workforce Initiative message, however allow flexibility for customization to audiences such as K12, Professional Organizations, Public organizations, and the general public.

3.9 TRACKING TOOLS: Identification and/or creation and implementation of tracking tools which:

3.9.1 Review and analyze data; 

3.9.2 Track school and partner presence;

3.10 VIDEOS: Creation of videos showcasing success stories of workers and business operations, and students’ perspective:

3.10.1 Capture video of machinery, high-tech equipment, maintenance of machinery, commentary of the education of workers, skills of workers, journey of workers;

3.10.2 Capture video of students’ perspective; classes taken, preparation by students, before graduation, expectations, and post-graduation reality in the workplace;

3.11 REPORTS: Reporting of updates on the development process and frequent communication on progress to include:

3.11.1 Monthly reports to the EDA; 

3.11.2 Virtual attendance at The Business & Education Workforce Initiative Board meetings, quarterly, where progress and development is formally presented;


3.12.1 Links to partners and stakeholders;

3.12.2 Link to employer job postings;

3.12.3 The ability to receive payments on the webpage.

Due Date:

Monday, December 14, 2020, at 4:00p.m., local time.


EDA, 45 East Boscawen Street, Suite 2 Winchester, VA 22601

Relevant agencies to consider include Prosek Partners and Blast PR.

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