Marketing RFP Issued By Town of Mountain Village

2021-11-16 by EPR Staff

The Town of Mountain Village (“the Town”) invites all interested, qualified companies or firms to submit responses to this Request for Proposal (RFP) seeking companies capable of providing a full range of comprehensive destination marketing, brand marketing and brand management services for the Town. The Town of Mountain Village is committed to implementing marketing plans that will promote responsible tourism and travel to the area.

The successful consultant must demonstrate extensive knowledge and understanding of how to create and implement a comprehensive marketing program strategy for a outdoor recreation focused community and economy to fulfill the objectives of the Town. The Town is encouraging consultants to bid on the RFP as a whole or to bid on specific parts of the RFP where the consultant may have specialized expertise.


Situated in the heart of the breathtaking San Juan Mountains, Mountain Village was incorporated in 1995 as a home rule municipality that, in part, encompasses Telluride Ski & Golf (“TSG”). Its founders envisioned a European-style ski-in/ski-out, pedestrian-friendly destination resort that would complement the historic mining town of Telluride.

A three-stage gondola transportation system connects the Town of Mountain Village with the Town of Telluride. Situated at 9,545 feet, Mountain Village is a world apart from other resorts: it is innately spectacular, beautifully orchestrated and planned, and overflowing with style, charm and sophistication. The selected consultant will work closely with Town staff to market Mountain Village to target audiences and key demographics. While the selected consultant’s efforts will invariably benefit TSG and the region as whole, the consultant’s primary focus will be on marketing and building the Mountain Village brand. The general marketing objective is to create or continue the implementation of a marketing program that identifies target markets, informs and promotes responsible tourism for identified target markets, promotes outdoor recreation activities, the area’s numerous and diverse natural resources, dining and retail opportunities, and Mountain Village’s unique events and festivals. The Town anticipates entering in a multi-year agreement with the selected consultant to carry out these services and more, as identified below.

Scope of Work:

The successful consultant will be expected to complete the following scope of work, including

Objective 1: Digital Asset Development Develop Town specific digital assets, including website home sliders, website events, blog posts, enewsletters, email blasts, photography, videos and infographics Enhance and support existing digital assets, including the Town’s website, mobile apps, branded social pages, landing pages, photography, videos and infographics in order to increase online traffic to Town and Town-related sites and increase Mountain Village brand awareness. (All assets will belong to the Town for discretional use.) Objective

2: Print Collateral Development Develop Town specific marketing collateral, including, infographics, event magazines, brand stories, newsletters, flyers, posters, banners, maps and mailers to increase brand awareness and enhance and promote the Mountain Village experience.

Objective3: Visitor’s Guide Development and Production Develop and produce a visitor’s guide specific to the Town of Mountain Village for the purpose of enhancing and promoting the visitor experience in Mountain Village and to drive traffic to Mountain Village businesses. If a Mountain Village specific visitor’s guide is not feasible, feature Mountain Village news and amenities equitably in current Visitor’s Guide and ensure content distribution is equal to funding source. Develop a strategy for effective distribution of such visitor’s guide to maximize return on investment.

Objective 4: Print Paid-Media Creative Development, Planning, and Implementation Develop and implement an interactive paid media strategy, broadcast, digital, and print. Such paid media should drive traffic to relevant Town websites, Town retail outlets or service locations, and Town social media sites.

Objective 5: Interactive Paid-Media Creative Development, Planning and Implementation Develop and implement an interactive paid media strategy, including multitouch digital media channels to reach the Town of Mountain Village target audience at various points in their travel decision making – inspiration, planning, booking, scheduling, traveling, experiencing, and sharing. Ensure Town of Mountain Village reaches and remains at the forefront of new and innovative digital media trends.

Objective 6: Marketing Monitoring/Tracking/Reporting Provide data and analysis to the Town with respect to Mountain Village marketing efforts, return on investment (ROI) and other key performance indicators.

Due Date: November 19, 2021


Zoe Dohnal, Business Development and Sustainability Director, at

Coyne PR and Zeno Group are agencies worth considering.