NewsBasis, New Online Marketplace Connecting Journalists with Their Sources

2010-08-03 by EPR Staff
digital age

A new service providing a platform for journalists to better interact with their sources was launched yesterday. NewBasis focuses on providing the technology, tools and design for companies, PR agencies, non profits and independent consultants or academics to interact with journalists and provide them relevant information and feedback on the topics they are researching. NewsBasis was founded by Darryl Siry based on his experience working for both sides - he is a freelance writer for the Wired magazine and has also been a marketing representative for several companies. Competing with similar services such as Profnet which offered by PR Newswire... Read More >

How Effective Is Cold Calling Really?

2010-07-20 by EPR Staff
ColdCalling everything-pr

Telemarketing--everyone hates getting those intrusive telephone calls, but businesses have to keep up the practice of cold calling prospective customers because it really works, right? Not necessarily. Finally marketing experts are starting to confirm what I've always suspected--when most people get a cold call their main goal is to get the annoying salesperson off their phone as quickly and painlessly as possible. On Friday, John Jantsch's Duct Tape Marketing blog started a discussion on The Abusive Math of Cold Calling. The post contrasts the effectiveness of using pure cold calling to generate sales leads with the effectiveness of using networking... Read More >

San Pellegrino Launches New US Advertising Campaign

2010-07-14 by EPR Staff
San Pellegrino

San Pellegrino’s international advertising campaign Live in Italian has made it to the US. Their global branding effort started back in May with the campaign launch in France which was then expanded to over 100 countries, now makes to the American media. A concept by the Italian branch of Ogilvy & Mather and the world famous Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt, the campaign features a series of documentary-style black and white photographs capturing the renowned sparkling water in several S.Pellegrino-inspired moments. The purpose behind the US extension of the campaign is to refresh and renew brand awareness for the sparkling water... Read More >

Malware City – Fighting the Villains of the Online World

2010-06-23 by EPR Staff
malware image everything-pr

When it comes to social media campaigns in general and business blogging in particular, coming up with something new becomes ever more tougher as the adoption of new channels increases. If a corporate blog, authored by a company CEO or dedicated to a product, use to be trendy and new a few years ago, not having a blog has become the exception in more recent times. Tones, angles, designs, they have all been tested and adapted to better suit the real purpose of all marketing and PR – sell more. And this sell more includes increasing a brand’s popularity, getting... Read More >

Safety and Creativity in Advertising

2010-05-18 by EPR Staff
Advertisement Creative everything-pr

Creativity just naturally goes with advertising, right? Well, not necessarily. A post by Tom Denari at Advertising Age takes a fun look at how some marketing professionals might have initially reacted to the now cornerstone successful Chick-fil-A "EAT MOR CHIKN" advertising campaign. In the process, Denari also discusses how important it is for advertisers to think outside of the box and explore new ideas. The "EAT MOR CHIKN" campaign is just one example of applying a unique idea to marketing a product. While a few advertisers do an outstanding job of creating original ads that are also effective at selling, many... Read More >

Pain, Needs, Wants, and Marketing

2010-04-27 by EPR Staff
Marketing Concept in Words

Today, I spent a good part of my morning at the dentist's office. As I was lying in the dentist's chair while she prepared me for a crown it occurred to me that most dental work is a type of service that people purchase because having your teeth worked on is far better than the alternatives (getting a toothache, or even possibly losing a tooth). In other words, people go to the dentist for one of several reasons: To keep a problem from happening (preventive care) To fix a problem that has already occurred. To fix something that doesn't look... Read More >

MyOnlineToolbox – What It Could Become

2010-04-02 by EPR Staff

Editor note: the title of the article was edited to reflect the real purpose of the review, which is to announce to our readers an online business management tool of great potential. Are you familiar with that half melancholic, half regretful feeling one sometimes has when looking back at a project or relationship that did not go very well and thinks of what could have been if only a few little aspects would have turned out differently? Change few to a lot and you will get my feeling after testing MyOnlineToolbox for a couple of days. What MyOnlineToolbox wants to... Read More >

Barbie and The White House Can Encourage Girls in Tech

2010-03-23 by EPR Staff
Michelle Obama receives the White House 2012 Christmas tree

It wasn't too long ago I saw the news about Mattel making a line of dolls in the likeness of Mad Men characters. I gawked at the idea, thinking it was rather silly. But then I realized the significance of Mattel's brand and it's ability to leverage Mad Men's retreat to the 1960s, a peak era for Barbie. So what's that mean now that we're a decade into the 21st century? It means Mattel is finding new ways to bring a modern image to its Barbie brand. Even with the Mad Men dolls, the adventurous female is well represented in... Read More >

Google Versus Facebook, Traffic and Where To Shove It

2010-03-17 by EPR Staff
Google Bird

Facebook is in the news again today having apparently surpassing Google's main search page in traffic, at least for a minute or two. However interesting the news might be however, a lot depends on how we measure traffic, as well as what happens when people arrive at our destinations. Facebook, now in deep to investors to the tune of $716 million, has since its inception 6 years ago still not brought in significant revenue, if any at all. Facebook, regardless of its viability, is one of the most interesting startup companies ever launched. The core value of the platform being... Read More >

Media Partners to Promote the Big Bad Ball

2010-03-13 by EPR Staff
Media Partners everything-pr

Media Partners, Inc. has been selected as the strategic marketing agency of record for The Capital City Club’s Young Executives. They will be helping create the theme and promoting the organization's Big Bad Ball. The ball is a black tie affair designed to raise money to support the Hospice of Wake County, raising around $100k each year. “We asked Media Partners, Inc. to step in as a full marketing partner for this year’s event and we are delighted with the fresh excitement they have brought to the table” stated April Mills, BBB Co-Chair and Director of Business Development in the... Read More >

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