Improving SEO Rankings

2022-05-14 by EPR Staff

Once a company has set up its website and it’s fully functional, many businesses find that t’s not generating enough traffic or engaging the current website visitors. This is a very common issue, as about 90% of most content online doesn't get organic traffic from Google. The best way to solve it is to conduct a website audit where the company can precisely pinpoint what’s happening and the reasons why website visitors might be leaving the website or abandoning the buying journey. SEO Audit The SEO audit is comprehensive website analysis, its ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs), and... Read More >

Challenges for digital commerce

2022-05-13 by EPR Staff
5 Tips to Deal with Global E commerce Digital Marketing Challenges

Digital commerce has its own set of challenges. The digital commerce industry has been growing and so have its challenges. The pandemic has witnessed the shift to digital commerce, and people have started using e-commerce to make purchases that they would have previously bought in brick-and-mortar stores. Shopping is definitely easier, but it has also brought new problems for companies. Given below are the challenges faced by digital commerce. Uncertainty The pandemic has brought consumer anxiety, and since supply chains are affected by uncertainty, digital commerce, too, has been affected by it. There have been shipping difficulties, and social distancing... Read More >

Implementing website pop-ups effectively

2022-05-13 by EPR Staff
Top tech trends for UX design

The graphical overlays that pop up on a website after a visitor spends a certain amount of time on them or after they take a specific action on them, are called pop-ups. Most people have come across a pop-up or two on the Internet.  Most companies use pop-ups to gather the email addresses of their website visitors. However, they can be used in plenty of other ways too, such as for promoting products, recommending related products, segmenting an email contact list, increasing demo sign-ups, recovering abandoned carts, and more. However, pop-ups tend to be controversial because when they were first... Read More >

Common SEO Challenges for Companies

2022-05-12 by EPR Staff

One of the only constants in the SEO industry is change. While it might feel like those changes are out of the control of companies, there's plenty that's leftover that companies can control, more specifically the way they react to change. However, there are certain challenges that companies tend to come across in their SEO efforts no matter how much they work to improve their rankings. Ranking Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy. Unlike paid search efforts, it takes time for companies to see the results from organic search, and that usually tends to be a culmination of smaller... Read More >

Types of effective website pop-ups

2022-05-11 by EPR Staff
ecommerce popups 1 723x334 1

There are plenty of different ways that companies can encourage their website visitors to convert. That doesn't always have to mean generating more sales, and instead can sometimes mean getting website visitors to join an email list, sign up for an ebook, or book a demo, for instance. One of the reasons why companies should be using pop-ups in their conversion strategies is because they have high conversion rates. By using pop-ups companies can reach the right customers at just the right time by using targeted pop-ups. Companies can also use split testing in their pop-ups to figure out which... Read More >

Using website pop-ups

2022-05-09 by EPR Staff
Google Bad Pop ups

Most consumers find website pop-ups annoying, yet most companies tend to use them on their websites. The main reason companies use pop-ups is that they work despite how annoying they can be when they're used incorrectly. They can help companies drive sales, encourage customers to convert, and increase their email contact list. When they're used in the right way, consumers don't find pop-ups annoying, and instead, they see them as helpful. Why use pop-ups? There are plenty of different ways that companies can encourage website visitors to book a demo, sign up for an ebook, or join an email contact... Read More >

Personal finance influencers

2022-05-04 by EPR Staff

Everybody needs to be equipped with knowledge that can help them make important financial decisions. When we are bogged down by financial responsibilities, we often turn to financial experts. With our growing dependence on the internet, financial experts often use platforms like Instagram and TikTok to promote financial services. There’s even a new term, a Finfluencer, who is a social media influencer who offers financial advice and expertise. The growing popularity of financial advisors Millennials and Gen Z turn to social media for information on almost everything, and information on investing is no exception. Social media platforms can segment financial... Read More >

Micro – influencer marketing

2022-05-03 by EPR Staff

There are different ways to define micro-influencers. They have followers between 10,000 - 100,000, have a loyal fanbase, and can generate a high rate of engagement. Micro-influencer marketing is turning out to be more successful than celebrity influencer campaigns. The main reason for this could be that people are more willing to trust the opinions of people they feel they know rather than the opinions of people who are paid to do product promotions. A smaller audience means that there is more interaction with micro-influencers, and that is beneficial for marketing. Given below are a range of benefits that  micro-influencers... Read More >

Fishwife makes tinned seafood look cool

2022-05-02 by EPR Staff
EP 03252015 cannedfishparty hero 6x5 1

Canned sardines and tuna are not considered to be particularly cool. This changed with Fishwife, a company that sells tinned fish that is healthy, tasty, sustainable, and quirkily packaged. Caroline Goldfarb and Becca Millstein came across the idea to start a canned fish and seafood company during the pandemic. The beginning - During the pandemic, both Goldfarb and Millstein were preparing their food at home. Tinned fish became an essential component for many of their meals. As youngsters, both the women had traveled to the Iberian peninsula, where they had fallen in love with tinned fish, particularly sardines. They had... Read More >

Competitor Analysis and Conversion Rates

2022-04-29 by EPR Staff

Companies that are looking to create landing pages that are more successful than their competitors need to look at what those competitors are doing first. By utilising competitor analysis, companies can learn the strong points or weaknesses that their market competitors have utilised, and then improve their own conversion rates. There are several ways that companies can evaluate what their competitors are doing to inform their own landing page development process. Keyword research To create a landing page with higher conversion rates, companies should research the keywords that their competitors are using on their landing pages. There are a number... Read More >

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