mDesign Home Decor’s Amazon Marketplace Expansion Plan Catches Attention

2020-09-22 by Wilson Scott
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Did you know that the Amazon Marketplace worldwide sees two new sellers entering the arena every minute? In 2019 alone, Amazon’s 16 worldwide marketplaces saw an additional 1.2 million new third-party sellers join the ranks bringing Amazon’s total active sellers to a whopping 3 million. Of that 3 million, only 10,000 Amazon sellers saw their sales reach beyond that $1 million threshold, only two percent of the marketplace. 

Amazon Marketplace’s popularity in all 16 countries is rising, and most brands do not have the business acumen to keep apace with Amazon’s fluid expansion process.

Yet, there is a small list of brands that are selling fast and expanding faster. One of these is the ‘home decor to get you organized and styled at a fraction of the cost’ brand that is leaving its competition coughing up sales dustballs behind them. This uniquely explosive Amazon Marketplace best-selling brand is mDesign Global also know as mDesign Home Decor.

MetroDecor/mDesign Global Understand the Amazon Marketplace

You might call them MetroDecor as they are known to be inside the Amazon Marketplace. Still, mDesign or MetroDecor, no matter their title of the moment, is very quickly pushing the envelope and soon will be among the top three best selling brands on Amazon in the US Marketplace.  

When Amazon lists its top sellers, they do not use a top-line dollar amount to line them up; they factor in the number of reviews from the previous 30 days and the last year on Amazon. Look at the metrics from August 2020’s top five best selling brands in the US Amazon Marketplace in August 2020

Investing in mDesign is More Than Investing in a Basic Home Decor Business

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The feedback below is US shopper reviews received by Amazon sellers post-purchase. Providing feedback is optional, and the percentage of customers who leave a seller review is anywhere in the range of 1–5%, depending on the product’s pricing and category.

Rank Seller     30 Day Reviews   Lifetime Reviews
1 Pharmapacks8,3561,011,706
2 AnkerDirect5,598944,193
3 EPFamily Direct5,385168,866
4 MetroDecor4,745167,156
5 Utopia Deals4,643362,769

Notice the up and down arrows at the end of the lines of statistics. mDesign/MetroDecor is the only Amazon seller in the top five that climbed in the ranks month over month while Utopia Deals fell below them into the fifth position. MetroDecor, or mDesign, has been steadily rising on the Amazon Bestseller Top 100 list and seems poised to continue its climb into the future. mDesign is already seeing great Amazon Marketplace success, but how did this direct-to-consumer, digitally native home decor brand grow to such vastly wide appeal and find itself topping the US Amazon 100?

mDesign Home Decor’s Beginnings

mDesign Home Decor was founded officially in 2015, but founder/owner Bob Immerman has been a leader in the home decor arena for forty plus years. Bob spent many years designing decor that would then be offered up to retailers. Only one in every thirty originally designed products would make it to the retail floor.

Purely from an experimental point-of-view, Bob began to sell directly to the consumer on various marketplace platforms. He would develop products that simply bypassed the retailers and got added directly to the marketplace where all of his other creations were showcased and sold directly to the consumer. Slowly, these experimental sales coming directly from the consumer began to overtake sales of his products through a traditional retailer. 

When mDesign Home Decor was first created, it began 100% digitally-focused and has stayed in that lane to date. But don’t underestimate the enormous growth and expansion possibilities of a brand that is digital and only digital. mDesign continues to see hyper-growth status year over year. The digital marketplace has been the home decor brand’s bread and butter since day one and the sales opportunities across the global digital landscape look a lot like a bottomless pit of gold bars for brands like mDesign Global.

These wildly successful digital brands have found their niche within the market, take great pains and the time necessary to understand and best their competitors, and they stay innovative and essential in their choice of product.

mDesign Global Matketwatch

mDesign Continues Brand Expansion and Sales Growth in the Face of COVID-19

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The Repetitious Tale of mDesign Home Decor and the Systematic Marketplace Takeover 

Every single marketplace to which mDesign offers its innovative product line tells the same story, very similar to the story currently playing out in the Amazon US marketplace. The story begins with mDesign offering each marketplace a vast and varied collection of home decor explicitly built to organize and style your life. Patron shoppers of these marketplaces happen upon mDesign. With innovative designs offered at such amazingly affordable prices, mDesign quickly broadens their product on the platform and soon becomes the best selling home decor brand and the real anchor in every marketplace. Now, with the brand’s exponential growth possibilities over the next two years, mDesign will soon see an addressable audience of one billion-plus, many of whom will become returning patrons of the home decor brand.

mDesign’s Amazon Marketplace Expansion is Happening Now

Still known to that excellent Amazon customer-base as MetroDecor, mDesign Global is not letting anything stop them from pushing forward at a rapid pace and entering multiple international marketplaces by the end of the current calendar year. In 2020, mDesign Global is expanding into Amazon marketplaces in Canada, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, and Australia. 2021 will see expansion into international marketplaces like Singapore and Japan.

And that is merely the Amazon international marketplace expansion plan. All non-Amazonian marketplaces have an expansion timeline all their own. Current marketplaces already touting the organized and stylish designer products from mDesign Global include eBay US and the Target + Marketplace. mDesign is currently in the middle of launching their line of home decor products on the WalMart Marketplace (September 2020) and has negotiated definitive plans to expand into the Sears domestic Marketplace during the fourth quarter of this year. This, however, is only the beginning and mDesign currently sits in negotiations to expand the brand into a handful of other domestic markets, only scratching the surface of the deep pool of destinations mDesign has already and will soon add to their list of marketplaces.

mDesign Home Decor, Amazon, and a Lucrative Future Ahead  

mDesign Global (MetroDecor) looks at Amazon as the most needed stepping stone to conquer and allow the innovative home decor brand to move into and lead in every other major marketplace across the globe.

I’d liken Amazon’s international Marketplace to the titular city in Frank Sinatra’s classic tune, New York, New York, and the most famous lyric from the song. “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.”   For mDesign Global, there is no question that with the undeniable progress the brand has seen quickly scaling the walls of the Amazon Top Sellers List, they have proven “they can make it” on Amazon. With Amazon in its back pocket, mDesign Global is now on the precipice of showing the world that they possess the clear brand vision and the right kind of determination to “make it anywhere.’’