Media RFP Issued By Worcester County Administration

DEADLINE: March 23rd, 2023 a 2:30PM


1. The County through the Office of Tourism & Economic Development is seeking proposals from qualified Vendors to provide services for advertising, marketing, graphic design, and media planning & purchasing. Additional services may include research to determine effectiveness and viability of advertising and communications programs inaccordance with the terms and conditions and specifications set forth in this solicitation.


1. Worcester County, Maryland, founded in 1742, was created by the division of Somerset County (pop. 52,460, per v2020 estimates

2. Stretching from Southern Delaware to Virginia’s Eastern Shore, Worcester is the heart of the Delmarva region and the only Maryland county bordering the Atlantic. Located less than three hours from Baltimore, Washington DC and Philadelphia, Ocean City – the county’s renowned resort – attracts more than 8 million visitors annually. Worcester is also federally designated SBA HUBZone, with three Enterprise Zones and two Arts & Entertainment districts. Worcester’s flagship manufacturing hub is the 175-acre Pocomoke Industrial Park.


1. Contract pricing will be valid for the term three years, (“Contract Period”).

2. Pricing must include all labor, materials, tools, and equipment to perform Work.

3. Pricing will not change during the Contract Period.


1. The County reserves the right to extend the Contract Period for two additional one-year terms, based on an annual review of accomplishments and performance.

a. Each annual review will allow for consideration of adjustments in agency scope and fees.


1. Worcester County seeks the most creative, cost-efficient, full-service advertising firm to produce advertising and marketing materials that will raise awareness of Worcester County and influences consumers to select the County as their travel destination of choice. The County intends to enter into a contract with a qualified firm to provide advertising, graphic design, creative services, research and media planning, and placement services.

2. These services include, but are not limited to Television, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Point-of Sale, Direct Response Promotions, Collateral Development Branding Marketing, Media Planning and Support, Research and Analysis, Media Placement Services, Strategic

Development and Research, Graphic Design and Production, Promotion, Direct Marketing, Research Support, Special Event and Trade Show assistance, Social Media enhancement and campaigns, Photo and Product Inventory database management, Marketing Plan Development as well as other related activities necessary to carry out the work set forth herein.

a. The County is also seeking advice and counsel regarding other professional services to further maximize the County’s investment in making Worcester County a desirable place to visit.

3. The firm will be compensated based on a Monthly Flat Fee for services, which may be subject to adjustment based upon changes in the County’s Marketing Budget.

4. Firms are invited to subcontract with other vendors to provide some of the requirements of the RFP or to enter joint venture arrangements. Offerors must submit proposals encompassing all of the services required in the RFP. Offerors may not submit proposals for only a portion of the services required as specified in the RFP. An Offeror that is a joint venture arrangement must clearly indicate in its technical proposal exactly what services required in the RFP are to be performed by the offeror versus subs.

5. Worcester County’s FY2023 Marketing Budget was approximately $1.4 million for the year. The budget may increase or decrease at any time during the contract period with all terms and conditions of the original contract subject to and contingent upon required County approvals and Maryland State Legislature appropriating funds for this purpose.

The amounts provided with this RFP are estimates only and are not a guarantee of any minimum or maximum amounts under this contract.


1. The goal of the Office of Tourism & Economic Development is to market the County through effective and cost-efficient advertising campaigns to variety of audiences including in-state and out-state travelers and the travel trade about the County’s attractions, accommodations and services to increase visitor spending throughout the County.


1. The Offeror shall have at least (3) years of experience in creating and implementing advertising campaigns, graphic design, research and media planning & purchasing.

a. Required Documentation: As proof of meeting this requirement, the Offeror shall provide with its Proposal three (3) references within the past five (5) years able to attest to the Offeror’s experience in implementing advertising campaigns, graphic design, research and media planning and purchasing services.

2. The Successful Vendor shall provide new, original marketing and advertising strategies  that will increase the County’s revenues generated through visitors spending.

3. The Successful Vendor shall as required participate in the strategic planning and assistance in establishing the Office of Tourism & Economic Development’s communication goals and strategies, defining the County’s visitors and potential visitors, and help to structure ongoing marketing programs. Additionally, the Successful Vendor may be asked to attend industry specific events and conferences at their own expense.

4. The Successful Vendor shall develop briefs that detail strategies and tactics recommended for each Office of Tourism & Economic Development’s initiative. The Successful Vendor shall utilize these briefs to develop programs that provide maximum impact. The briefs will be submitted to the Office of Tourism & Economic Development prior to the project initiation.

5. The Successful Vendor shall develop after-action reports detailing outcomes of the programs undertaken by the Successful Vendor on behalf of the Office of Tourism & Economic Development such as effectiveness of the campaign, the lessons learned and how to further enhance the County’s marketing effectiveness.

6. The Successful Vendor may be required to conduct research in order to determine messaging, communication strategies, demographic and visitor profiles, and  image/awareness of the County as a destination.

7. Any artwork, marketing/strategic plans, production pieces, research or other specific project work requested of the Successful Vendor shall be for the County’s exclusive use and property.

8. All work performed by the Successful Vendor or subcontractor, including all billing and/or Office of Tourism & Economic Development related financial records shall be  subject to review upon request.

9. The Successful Vendor must work with the Office of Tourism & Economic Development’s in-house staff to complete projects as required.

10. The Office of Tourism & Economic Development reserves the ability to perform any and all of the tasks outlined in this RFP on its own or with other vendors.

11. The Successful Vendor must be licensed to perform Work in the state of Maryland.


1. The Successful Vendor shall perform creative services activities to include, but not limited to:

  • Account Services and Management;
  • Research and Strategic Planning; Print, 
  • Broadcast and Digital Ad Trafficking; 
  • Creative and Production Services for Traditional, Digital, Social and Emerging Platforms;
  • Cooperative Advertising Programs; 
  • Interactive Media; 
  • Digital Marketing; 
  • Collateral Material Development; 
  • Industry Relations
  • Campaign Development and Implementation;
  • Branding and Promotional Campaign
  • Development and Implementation. 

All creative services staff assigned by the Successful Vendor to the Office of Tourism & Economic Development’s account must be preapproved by the Office of Tourism & Economic Development.

2. The Successful Vendor shall perform media placement activities to include, but not limited to:

  • Media Planning and Purchasing; 
  • Campaign Evaluation; 
  • Cooperative Advertising Campaigns; 
  • Provide target audience insights using various tools such as demographics and psychographics; SEO and SEM Web Marketing and Evaluation;
  • Measurement and Reporting on Effectiveness for Traditional and Digital Platforms;
  • Research and Strategic Planning. 

All media services staff assigned by the Successful Vendor to the Office of Tourism & Economic Development’s account must be preapproved by the Office of Tourism & Economic Development

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