#MentionSomeoneWhoIsAwesome – Twitter Trend Saturday

#MentionSomeoneWhoIsAwesome is today’s top trend on Twitter. We’re not sure if the hash tag this time comes before the longest mashup of words ever, but the subject is socially cool and acceptable. Find some of the people we think are awesome listed below, then tweet us at http://twitter.com/EverythingPR with you suggestions, your awesome peeps.

In the entertainment slot for #awesome, Medina sits at the top of a lot of people’s lists. Since her debut album Tæt på the girl who also goes by Medina Danielle Oona Valbak has captivated audiences worldwide, nut just in her native Denmark. #Medina, if you are hunting a tweet accentuation, is a no hype awesome R&B and dance phenom. Enjoy the official video below if you missed her.

Another #MentionSomeoneWhoIsAwesome worthy of you knowing, Christophe Ferré started off very young on his path to becoming a literary legend. After his studies at the Ecole Normale Supérieure Christophe became a professor of literature at age 21. His first novel, The House of Love, was published in 1995, won worldwide accolades.

Christophe FerréIn 2005 he published a new novel, Paradise turquoise, a piece on collective hysteria and a world where everybody vies for fame. Christophe is one of the world’s most interesting and talented playwrights, novelists and screenwriters, an awesome personality you may have never heard of, but need to.

Honored with the international Grand Prix Paul Gilson of radio drama for Chambre d’Amour (France Culture), Award letters Regional Centre of Franche-Comté, the new Grand Prix of the French Academy Chevalier of Arts and Letters, and many more awards, Christophe is, believe it or not, an extreme sports enthusiast. Talk about leading a full and diverse life.

And if there ever were a group of people worthy of mention, everyone associated with Save the Children should have his or her own billboard. Unsung heroes are just that, the thousands of people who selflessly give, and give, and give, while so many just take from the world.

#MentionSomeoneWhoIsAwesome should be dedicated to people like Valerie Amos and many hundreds like her who think our lives should matter on a global and local scale. Making a difference is so possible. The upcoming World Humanitarian Campaign is at the top of my list of what matters. Tomorrow millions and millions will contribute what they can to be kind.

As a triumph of the human condition, a legend for the good times and the bad, Usain Bolt has to be the man of the year where excellence is concerned. The old saying “put up or shut up” – Bolt always brings it. When mouthy sports stars and celebs are no longer novel, the world’s fastest man is just that. What better brand emissary can there be than someone genuine?

We leave your with a real #MentionSomeoneWhoIsAwesome message, maybe more true than we know.

From Usain Bolt's Facebook

From Usain Bolt’s Facebook

Who’s your someone awesome?

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