Meteor Solutions Joins Marketing Forces with Spring Creek Group

METEOR SolutionsSpring Creek Group, a social media marketing company, joined forces recently with Meteor Solutions to enhance the value of their social media promotions. The union between the two companies will boost the usefulness of current and upcoming social media campaigns by allowing full tracking by clients. They will be able to see exactly which actions are working and where the best use of their time lies.

Meteor has developed a tracking method that will allow companies utilizing social media as a promotional method to use tracking scripts that will provide far more information than was previously available to those involved in this type of public relations and marketing. The patent-pending technology provides information that will allow users to see precisely which social media networks are buzzing over a specific brand. This in turn will give marketers a good place to start their campaigns.

Spring Creek creates and carries out social media strategies that can enhance their clients` public profile. It`s an important are of public relations that can only benefit from improved tracking and statistics, which Meteor Solutions will provide in the form of a graph.

“Brands are increasingly interested in quantifying the impact that their social media marketing programs have on their bottom line,” said Andy Boyer, principal of Spring Creek Group. “The addition of Meteor Solutions to our technology portfolio enables us to extend our existing social marketing measurement programs to track word-of-mouth conversations with the same precision as paid media.”

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