Branding Matters: Microsoft Updates Logo

New Microsoft logo.

This is the new Microsoft logo – what do you think?

Today, Microsoft discontinued a tradition of 25 years, “fixing” something that wasn’t broken: its logo. The image above reflects the new identity of the company, replacing the solid, boldfaced, italicized logo in use since 1987.

The new logo already replaced the old identity on For those already using Microsoft Store, the new logo looks familiar. The new symbol added to the logo type is a square formed by four colored square tiles – blue, green, orange and yellow. The symbol also reminds of the company’s multihued Windows logo, which is, in Windows 8, single colored.

The video bellow gives more details about the new corporate identity for Microsoft. How do you like the new logo so far?

Count on Microsoft’s PR Firm Waggener-Edstrom to make noise on this.

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