Miley Cyrus Turns “She Tasmanian Devil Lusty” for VMAs [Video Update]

Miley Cyrus before last night's show. Last night Miley Ray Cyrus accomplished the near impossible upstaging Lady Gaga at the @MTV VMAs for one thing, and virtually confirming some fans’ notions she’d “turn into a ratchet mess”, as one #Instagram admirer put it.

Update: See the video from VMA performance below. 

If  Will Smith’s family in the audience held their mouths agape in astonishment at Cyrus’ “lusty” performance, Hanna Montana rolled like a Tasmanian Devil in her grave. Anybody witnessing this transformation young star has to be thinking “PR stunts” or “Uh oh!” She’s a she wolf without the sheep’s clothing now.

While Lady Gaga came to the MTV Video Music Awards all set to once again WOW her fans, not too many imagined little 20 year old  Miley Cyrus could “twerk” her act past the Gaga, but as they say, Sh___ happens. Gigantic dancing bears, sex kitten outfits, and a virtual pole dancing stripper act complete with crotch grabbing, pelvis grinding intensity of a new nature.

Cyrus had even her most devout fans whispering “the lines have really gotten blurred”, referring to the star’s hit Blurred Lines. The images from Miley’s Instagram show the girl is having fun, but maybe too much.

Miley Cyrus

Miley having a moment with Boo before the show – courtesy her Instagram

Surprise really should not be the world’s reaction to Cyrus’ most recent performance. Just checking the language on her @MileyCyrus profile, the intensity with which she seems immersed in the genre she’s chosen – well, the teddy bears are the last remnant of little girlishness present for some. If being big girl nasty is the publicists dream for this super talented gal, last night may have been the debut.

But is this Miley Cyrus a good or baaaaaaaaaad thing?

Additional image credit: Miley Cyrus defiant pose top – courtesy the star’s Instagram shares.

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