Mind Meld PR: Leading Tech PR Firm

Created in 2019 by a seasoned journalist and PR pro, Jonathon Narvey, Mind Meld has lived up to its mission of matching innovative technology companies with skilled communication pros in the tech space.

Established in Vancouver, Narvey’s team combines proven tactics with technology and adds a dash of creativity helping tech companies tell their story in Canada and the USA.

Leveraging Naarvey’s expertise as a columnist and journalist for leading tech, politics, and culture-oriented publications, the agency ties neatly its marketing tactics to each business’ objectives.

Key services

#1. PR service

Offering flexible PR packages, Mind Meld ensures that tech brands – large or small – can conduct product launches or share major news. Since tech brands may not need long-term PR services, the Narvey-led team offers a launch PR package that guarantees a burst of fast results.

Strategies adopted by the Mind Meld’s team include media outreach, reactive PR,

press release, and follow-up pitches.

#2. Press releases

At Mind Meld, PR pros help brands create customized media lists and distribute breaking news. With every release, clients get mini-PR campaigns that increase their visibility.

Employing a unique press-release writing approach, Narvey’s team generates highly effective releases that get tech stories noticed and published by reporters.

The PR agency’s process involves: gathering insights and notes on news or stories, writing press releases, approval of the draft release, compiling a prospect list for target media, reaching-out / emailing reporters, following up with reporters to give an extra reminder, and publishing press releases on a client’s website for Search Engine Optimization purposes.

#3.Content marketing

With content marketing being an important cog in today’s digital marketing, Mind Meld PR  offers a one-stop-shop for brands seeking PR and marketing services.

Thanks to Mind Meld’s exceptional ability to create landing pages, social media content, SEO content and newsletters, it is well-prepared for website rebranding, creating captivating blogs, drafting catchy newsletters, conceptualizing brand messaging, and creating outstanding landing pages.

Notable awards and accomplishments

#1. Clutch.co Top Ranking

Mind Meld PR secured a position among Clutch.co’s top PR agencies within Vancouver. Having several five-star reviews, the agency continues to create ripples in the tech PR space.

#2. Cira Apps Campaign

Working with the founder of Cira Apps Ltd, Mind Meld PR leveraged its tech experience to build-up the app company’s media presence in tech and business-focused publications. At the same time, employing PR to support Cira Apps’ inbound content marketing strategy ensured exceptional results.

Worth noting, Mind Meld’s PR efforts culminated in more than 10 thought-leadership placements, 20 media placements, and garnered more than 92 million impressions.

#3. CyberPatient’s media campaign

Working in conjunction with CyberPatient’s marketing team, Narvey’s team created a strategy that capitalized on the messaging around core themes like launching CyberPatient 2.0, economic benefits of the software in less-developed nations requiring low-cost medical evacuation, and innovation in the medical space.

The results were outstanding. CyberPatient’s story got placements in mainstream newspapers like the Province and the Vancouver Sun. Interestingly, outlets like the  Brantford Expositor and VOCM radio ran the story, advancing the company’s narrative. The company received more than  6.2 million impressions and four thought-leadership interviews.

Notable clients

Notable brands in Mind Meld’s client roster include Unbounce, VanHack, Digital Media Company, CyberPatient, CIRASYNC, Future Infinitive, and more.

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