Mirror Communications Launches Online

mirror communications public relations

A new public relations company launched today its online presence: Mirror Communications assaults the Web with a very aggressive design that somehow shadows the intended message: Instead of shouting, we choose dialogues.

But this is just an appearance as the design actually manages to do what few other PR websites accomplish: it grabs the viewer, it challenges him/her to stay and discover a company that promises a lot.

Judging by the clarity of the texts that present the Mirror Communications image online, we are dealing here with a company that knows how the Web tics. The owner and founder Alina Popescu is already a popular blogger and her online public relations experience is vast: prior to founding her own company Alina worked for Axigen Romania, which remained faithful to its old employee and became a customer of Mirror Communications.

Mirror Communications was founded in April 2008 by Alina Popescu, Senior PR and Marketing strategist. Her goal was to help companies find their unique voice and use it to start two way communications with its publics.

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