MMI Associates PR Agency for Confero, Inc


Confero, Inc. has decided to hire MMI Associates to take on their PR work for them. The public relations firm is already planning media strategies and getting ready to implement the publicity campaign which will include social media, special events and community relations, among others.

Confero, Inc offers their clients a full range of customer service evaluation services. The firm helps businesses find out where the customer experience needs to be improved and how to change things to make their customer service more effective. Their services include customer experience evaluations, mystery shopping, and support for customer branding, as well as helping companies encourage their employees to offer better customer service through incentives and recognition for top performing employees.

“We are pleased to begin our work with MMI Associates, Inc.,” said Elaine Buxton, president of Confero, Inc. “We look forward to forging a strong working relationship to help Confero, Inc. move forward into the future.”

MMI Associates was founded in 1994 and is a public relations firm which offers a large number of PR services. Among their accomplishments is being named as one of the top 10 public relations firms in their home state of Arizona.

The public relations firm offers a variety of options to their clients, including market research and penetration, brand recognition and awareness, and crisis management, among others.

MMI Associates is looking forward to working with Confero, Inc. on their public relations campaign that will help the customer service evaluation company increase their brand awareness and boost their client numbers.