Monday & Associates, Brilliant Blue Create PR Alliance

Monday & Associates everything-pr

Monday & Associates has teamed up with Brilliant Blue, a marketing and brand strategy firm based out of Irvine, California. The two companies formed their strategic alliance agreement to provide better service to both their clients. The union of the two firms is a meeting of two sets of skills that will now be offered under one roof to all their clients.

“In these challenging times, the ability to work closely with an experienced partner, who can provide key deliverables, results, and growth for your clients is crucial,” said Peter Ashworth, Brilliant Blue’s CEO. “Collaboration to create value, is the opportunity for Brilliant Blue and Monday & Associates. Our focus is on creating world-class customer connection strategies through interactive branded experiences, and we see effective PR as a key component towards this goal.”

Brilliant Blue specializes in interactive marketing and works with clients to actually connect with their customers, giving hands on experience and face to face marketing, which is far more effective than blanket marketing. The firm has years of experience with effective online branding, as well.

Monday & Associates is based out of San Diego, CA and is a company that focuses on print media, including magazines and newspapers, as well as copywriting and media placement. They are experts in leveraging contacts with key persons in the print industry.

Together, Monday & Associates and Brilliant Blue intend to increase their client base and offer a wider variety of services than either of them did before now. It`s a deal that lets everyone involved win.

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