MWW Group PR: Sex Scandals & Anthony Weiner

2015-07-23 by Jason Tannahill

MWW Public Relations Group

Anthony Weiner, the man whom Business Insider deemed as one of the “biggest PR disasters ever” and Forbes Magazine skewered for woefully mismanaging his super high-profile sexting crisis has been hired by leading independent public relations firm, The MWW PR Group to manage crisis work for their clients, according to the front page exclusive in today’s New York Post.

As The New York Post noted, “The man who destroyed his own promising political career by botching a 2011 sext-message imbroglio with bald-faced lies — and who then ruined his comeback by running one of the most disastrous mayoral campaigns of all time — will now get paid to dispense advice to high-paying clients of the MWW PR firm, sources told The Post. About the only thing that makes sense about this is that one of the company’s clients is Ball Park Franks.”

MWW PR: Anthony Weiner

Everything PR notes that Dave Arnold, who served as communications director for Weiner for a long time is a MWW Group Vice President since 2011.

Noteably, this is not the first-time MWW PR Group has hired someone involved in a high-profile scandal. In 2002, the firm hired the gay lover of New Jersey Governor James E. McGreevey, Golan Cipel. As The New York Times noted then, “..Mr. McGreevey helped him get a $120,000-a-year job with the MWW Group, a prominent public relations firm.”

MWW PR GroupNote to MWW: remove the multiple negative blog posts on Weiner

Editors update: As of 11:07 AM, MWW Group had removed the negative links about Anthony Weiner which existed on their site.

There’s one which references the downfall of Anthony Weiner – and the one where Kathy Fieweger, General Manager of MWW’s Midwest offices says “I’m a big fan of Twitter and tidbits of information, in general. Not necessarily what so-and-so had for lunch or where someone had dinner the night before…which can quickly fall into the “too much information” category but generally doesn’t cause any undue harm. (Notable exception, former Rep. Anthony Weiner.)

Weiner is now a successful crisis manager at your firm, right?

MWW PR has worked extensively on sex scandals – As PR Week and The Washington Post reported, The MWW Group represented “Brig. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair, an Army Ranger and paratrooper who was accused of forcible sodomy, adultery and other charges…”, after “Prosecutors say he abused his command authority by sleeping with a subordinate officer, a taboo in the armed forces and a violation of military law.”

Sinclair pleaded guilty to having a three-year romantic affair with a subordinate officer. MWW Group created a Web site — — (which is no longer up) to dissect the case.

MWW Public Relations is one of the nations’ most successful PR firms, with offices throughout the nation. Surely they anticipated a few days of negative media coverage, and assume Weiner will bring more gain than damage. Let’s hope they keep him off the social media team.

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