MWW PR Group & Anthony Weiner Featured Today On Front Page Of NY Post

2015-09-14 by Jason Tannahill

MWW Public Relations

It aint very often a New York Public Relations firm is featured on the front page of The New York Post. Then again, it aint very often that one of those companies hires Anthony Weiner, whose sex scandal was featured on the front pages of media worldwide.

Anthony Weiner

As the NY Post explained today: “Anthony Weiner is so toxic that the powerhouse public-relations firm that hired him is losing top-flight talent… Arthur Schwartz, one of the top executives at MWW, quit after the p.r. firm put the horndog ex-congressman from Queens on its payroll as a public policy “expert. “

“Schwartz, 43, a senior vice president and managing director of MWW’s corporate communication practice since October 2014, was one of the few Republicans at the Democratic-leaning firm, with deep ties to the GOP establishment and the conservative-leaning corporate leaders. He previously was a top adviser to billionaire insurance titan Maurice “Hank” Greenberg.”

The NY Post further explained that “Since Schwartz left, he has drummed up business with firms that wouldn’t have hired him if he had stayed at MWW because of its ties to Weiner…” And quoted a consultant that “Corporations don’t want the image of working with a firm that is affiliated with Anthony Weiner.”

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