Anthony Weiner Of MWW PR Group In The Hollywood Reporter

2015-08-13 by Richard D. Pace

Anthony Weiner

Last week, The Hollywood Reporter saw an interview where leading NY PR Firm Rubenstein was blamed for the media trouble of mogul Ryan Kavanaugh – and this week, Anthony Weiner of MWW PR Group is featured in The Hollywood Reporter.

In the interview MWW PR’s Anthony Weiner says, “With the press of a button, my entire life unraveled” – and that’s surely an understatement.

Weiner says that his work with MWW PR Group is “…a continuation of some of the work that I had been doing for a few clients, and now I’m going to just kibbitz, basically. I’m not doing public relations. They do government relations work for businesses large and small, [and I’m] helping out on the government-relations side. It was widely reported that I’m doing PR for them, but I’m not. They are a big company with talented people and offices near my house. I’m offering help as part of a larger team.”

It’s false [that I’m there for damage control consulting]. That’s one of the things about the snark machine: It’s usually light on facts. The New York Post never even called to ask.”

(Note: Read more of our take on their government relations work here: )

Weiner says New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is doing a great job, describing himself as “…one of his loudest and strongest supporters”, and says he is still tweeting and says social media is “….a useful way to have conversations about public issues. It’s a toxic repository for nastiness and snark but that’s not all it is.”

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