MWW PR Group, Tesla, Puder PR and More



Atkins Nutritional Inc., known for low-carb dietary products, hired MWWPR Group to work closely with the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services while the agencies draft an updated nutritional guideline.

In the energy industry, electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors hired 38 North Solutions to lobby for an “energy policy for energy storage and automotive industries.”  In eyeglass prescription, Warby Parker hired Arnold & Porter to comment on the rule review of a doctor’s eye examination – requiring the doctor to provide an eyeglass prescription (if needed) at the end of the examination.

A lot of lobbying moves abound.

Israel Personalization and Professionalism

In Israel, like Washington D.C. PR culture, there’s far more mingling between special interest groups and the firms representing them. However, in Israel, PR firms take that one step further

Arik Puder

According to Arik Puder, owner and founder of a public relations agency who was featured in an Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, there are many cultural differences between approaching media in America vs Israel: “More than once [in Israel] I went out with journalists I worked with in the evening, or our families would spend time together on weekends. That almost never happens in New York. It is, of course, related to the cultural differences and mentality between the two countries, but also the higher sensitivity in the United States to professional ethics and the importance of separating the two realms.”

As a result, New York PR firms are more detached from their clients keeping a strictly business relationship. This is partially because New York and America in general, is much larger than Israel, but also because of the role PR firms play in the industry, as Puder says in the US that “PR firms are seen as advisory firms in every way, similar to law firms and advertising firms, including the level of importance they give to the benefits of public relations, too.”

Differences abound.


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