MWW PR Group Leader Called One Of The Great Sleazebags Of Our Time

2015-08-31 by Richard D. Pace

MWW PR GROUP– Will Anthony Weiner Attend Hillary Fundraiser At His Boss, CEO of MWW, Michael Kempner’s Home? –

Its rare that a leader of a Public Relations firm is covered so widely in the national media – then again, Anthony Weiner, a member of the Board of Directors of the MWW PR Group is one of a kind.

Weiner is being attacked by Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump regularly and all over the place. Trump, never at a loss for words this week on Friday evening called Weiner a “perv,” who “obviously is psychologically disturbed.” Weiner is married to Huma Abedin, Clinton’s leading advisor, and she also serves as Vice Chairman of the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign.

In front of thousands of supporters, Trump said, “(Abedin) is receiving this very, very important information and giving it to Hillary. Well, who else is she giving it to? Her husband has serious problems, and on top of that, he now works for a public relations firm. So how can she be married to this guy who’s got these major problems?”

Trump in Massachusetts Friday night was quoted in worldwide media as saying “Think of it, Huma is getting classified secrets, she’s married to Anthony Weiner, who’s a perv. He is. It all sort of came through Huma — who is Huma married to, one of the great sleazebags of our time.”

Trump described Weiner as “a really bad guy.”


Meanwhile, the founder and CEO of MWW PR, Michael Kempner, not one to back down easily is doubling down and is hosting a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton on September 24th as his home in New Jersey.

MWW is headquartered in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Other offices are in Trenton NJ, Washington DC, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and London. MWW is a subsidiary of the Interpublic Group of Agencies. They are the fourth largest independent PR firm in the U.S., baffling us with their decision to add Weiner to their Board. Surely they don’t think any publicity is good publicity?!?

MWW lists their areas of PR specialization as financial communications, entertainment, LGBT, social and digital media marketing, health and wellness, corporate communications, research insights, and government and public affairs. The firm has many deep connections to the Democratic National Committee and various national politicians. Again, we don’t understand why Weiner? It seems he would do more damage than good with other connections they want to keep happy.

Sources advise us that the event will be held 378 East Madison Avenue in Cresskill, New Jersey, and the minimum donation per person is $2,700-per person. There will be private time with Hillary Clinton for larger donors.

No word yet on whether Anthony Weiner will be in attendance at the fundraiser. If you can help determine why they hired Mr. Weiner, share your thoughts in the comments or email us.

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