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MWW PR Using Shady Tactics

Does MWW PR Group use 1995 shady digital media techniques? Apparently, the answer is yes. MWW don’t you folks do social media? Do you have Google alerts with your company’s name on it? Did you miss our article entitled “Neil Dhillon of MWWPR: 20 Year Old Assault Arrest & Cheap SEO Tactics”?

Why do we ask?  Well, because we just came across this brand new spammy web post – where we learned that the head of MWW PR’s Washington, DC office “…is a global communications as well as public affairs professional whose job has graced every boardroom of Fortune 500 companies and wings of White House.”

Every boardroom of Fortune 500 companies? Every single one? Rather boastful for Neil Dhillon, no? These spammy blog posts continue in an attempt to clean-up a 20 year old crime which was committed – and its not a good representation for a leading PR firm who claims to be an expert on all things Public Relations – which these days includes online reputation. MWWPR: Stop the spam for SEO.

Doug Spong

Spong Leaves his Namesake Behind

Doug Spong is stepping down from the agency he built. Doug resigned following the company’s celebration of their 25th anniversary. After a year and a half of looking for a replacement, Doug jokes that she was right beside him all along.

Doug appointed his managing director, Julie Batliner, to take over his role as President. Batliner, who worked at Spong PR for 10 years, looks forward to leading the company but laments Doug’s decision to leave. She praised his industry knowledge and his talent for predicting where the industry was going.

Despite ending his work relationship with the company, Doug insists that he is not retiring. Instead, he hopes to use his newfound flexibility to work on other things he has in store.

Maine’s Office of Tourism

Maine Goes PR Shopping

Maine’s Office of Tourism recently issued a request for bids to fill its need for a marketing agency. The organization is on the hunt for a PR firm that does it all, by providing full-support in all areas of public relations, communications and marketing.

With the agency’s assistance, Maine hopes to grow the region’s tourism industry through the support of old campaigns and the creation of new ones. The winning agency can also expect to receive full support from the Film Office, which aims to attract visitors of a different kind. The Film Office wants to present Maine as a good option for on-location film projects, such as movies and ads. Interested parties should send in queries about the RFP by Friday. Full proposals have a deadline of December 22nd.

Vanguard Public Affairs

Vanguard Announces New Partnership

Vanguard Public Affairs recently announced a strategic partnership with 834 Design & Marketing. The two Michigan-based agencies say that this new alliance provides the means to serve clients better. Vanguard specializes in tactical communications, fundraising, consulting and counsel on policies. 834 Design intends to complement these offerings by adding content marketing, traditional PR, social media management, web design and events planning to the package.

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