MWWPR Group Sued Yet Again

2016-05-31 by Richard D. Pace

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Samsung Bills Unpaid By Kempner’s PR Agency

In what appears to be a continuing trend, research reveals another lawsuit was filed against MWWPR – this one in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, for $120,000 plus legal damages.  This lawsuit for MWW also comes as a result of unpaid bills relating to work for Samsung, and comes on the heels of a lawsuit by Scholastic also surrounding work for Samsung.

No response of yet has been filed by MWW PR.  Nor is there any indication if Samsung refuses to pay the bills to MWW, or why MWW isn’t paying the two vendors who appear to have performed the work.

The plantiff’s affidavit states, “Plaintiff BDI is a New York-based software development consultancy firm that partners with brands to deliver effective software for mobile and web in a variety of industries including entertainment, education, digital publishing and market research. Among other things, BDI provides training services and curriculum development relating to programming and application design.”

They allege “MWW retained BDI to provide instructor, staffing and support services in connection with the 2015 Samsung Mobile App Academy,” yet were unpaid.

The lawsuit continues, “According to a website hosted by Scholastic, Inc., one of Samsung’s partners in the program, “[d]uring the summer of 2015, the Samsung Mobile App Academies continued to transform hundreds of top-performing high school students into mobile app experts. The App Academies provided attendees with an opportunity to work with industry leaders, learn the many facets of mobile app development, and find out about the growing world of mobile technology careers.”

The lawsuit notes that BDI has completed all work, yet remains unpaid on $120,000.00 of the remaining invoice which is well past due.

MWWPR Group Sued – Lawsuit Against MWW PR Vs. Byte Dept. Inc. from EverythingPR


Attachments to the lawsuit note that staff at MWW PR continually promise payment which has not been forthcoming – although in this lawsuit they do not urge the vendor to contact Samsung. Inquiries to Michael Kempner, CEO of MWW Group and Samsung are as of yet unreturned.

We take notice of recent coverage of the firm by Jack O’Dwyer of Odwyer PR, another public relations news site, who wrote in a recent editorial that  “MWW’s Mike Kempner, long a supporter of Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, has become a liability to her and the party because of MWW’s hiring of sex-stained Anthony Weiner last year.”

One wonders if these lawsuits will see Kempner shunned by the Hillary Clinton campaign of which he is a high-profile supporter, and what effect this will have on his relationship with Samsung, who is presumably still a client of MWWPR.

MWWPR has office locations throughout the US and UK.

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