MWWPR Sued In New York Supreme Court For Non-Payment of Invoices…. Again

2017-04-13 by Richard D. Pace


MWW PR Group

T & M Protection services, a security & investigations company has sued MWW PR in the Supreme Court of The State of New York for non-payment of $11,150.16, plus interest and claims total now due to be $26,673.92. Said lawsuit was filed on March 9, 2017 for work MWWPR contracted for “the provision of private investigation and consultation services.”


MWW Sued In New York Supreme Court For Non-Payment of Invoices…. Again from EverythingPR

T&M Protection Resources is an American private security, intelligence and investigations company headquartered in New York City, New York, and according to Google “T&M provides business intelligence and analysis; executive and celebrity protection and logistics; security consulting services; data forensics; information security; cyber incident response services; compliance monitoring services; private investigations; financial investigations, including forensic accounting; sexual misconduct consulting and investigations; technical surveillance countermeasures; and health care fraud and abuse investigations.”

On a number of occasions in recent years MWW PR has been sued for non-payment.  The Michael Kempner owned agency remains one of the largest PR firms in the United States.

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