Nancy Behrman Communications CEO Is A Tax Dead-Beat and More PR News

Behrman Communications

Some news round-ups from the fast-moving Public Relations world – even in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, there’s media coverage of the world of PR: 

Nancy Behrman

Nancy Behrman PR Tax Delinquents

Nancy Behrman PR Tax Delinquents. Nancy Behrman, the founder of Behrman PR Communications, an NY beauty and lifestyle PR firm, made it onto the latest list of New York tax delinquents. The PR pro owes $618,017.11 in taxes, according to the most recent list from the State.

The firm is a long-standing boutique PR firm specializing in beauty communications, but it ain’t good PR to not pay your taxes! Even the best spin-doctors can’t spin their way out of taxes.

Fonded in 1985, this privately held company continues to do big things in PR, in spite of its small size. Behrman employs less than 50 professionals. Yet, it enjoys great connections with a wide range of contacts in the media. Allowing the firm to broaden its reach, and improve visibility for clients.

Kiehl’s became the firm’s first client when it opened its doors 30 years ago and remained a client until L’Oreal bought the company in 2001. Burt’s Bees also became a client in 1997, before selling to an investment group, and then later to Clorox for $900 million. Due to Behrman’s connections with these clients, it built a name for turning tiny ideas into big dollar values.

Considering the company’s success, it comes as a surprise the owner carries such a large tax debt. The tax man always needs to be paid.



Republic of Turkey

Turkey Adds a New Lobbying Firm

Turkey Adds a New Lobbying Firm. The Republic of Turkey just hired one of the fastest growing lobbying firms in Washington, DC, Capitol Counsel. According to documents just released by the United States Department of Justice, Turkey will pay the firm $32,000 per month.

Capital’s role includes “develop[ing] and utiliz[ing] contacts at the State and Defense Departments, and the National Security Council to convey the seriousness of the genocide issue and the potential threat it poses to the U.S./Turkey relationship.”

Former Rep. Jim McCrery (R-LA) leads the account for Capital Counsel. In 2007, The New York Times said Gephardt started working for Turkey and at the time his fees came to $1.2 million.  A few weeks ago, Ahmet Davutoglu, the new prime minister of Turkey hired Burson-Marsteller, one of the world’s largest PR firms for public relations.

Brunswick Group Communications

Brunswick On The Financials With Diebold

Brunswick On The Financials With Diebold. Diebold, an ATM and financial software provider, recently hired Brunswick Group to help the company. Diebold requested the firm’s help as it acquires Germany’s Wincor Nixdorf. Diebold charged Brunswick with the task of communicating financial issues surrounding their proposal to the German company.

Based in Ohio, Diebold runs a pretty good business but hopes to grow through the acquisition. The company estimates the value of Wincor at $1.8 billion. Knowing its true value, Wincor is also working with PR firm, Hering Schuppener, throughout the negotiations.

PRNewswire stated, “Diebold will launch a voluntary public tender offer to all shareholders of Wincor Nixdorf.  Under the terms of the agreement, Diebold will offer Wincor Nixdorf shareholders €38.98 in cash plus 0.434 Diebold common shares per Wincor Nixdorf share.”

Diebold’s merging with Wincor would join the forces of two leaders in the financial industry. Both companies look forward to the changes, allowing them to work as one, rather than compete in the markets they have shared over the years.