Neil Dhillon of MWW PR Group: 20 Year Old Assault Arrest & Cheap SEO Tactics

2015-10-22 by Richard D. Pace

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As Everything PR News traffic and readership continues to grow as a leading Public Relations news site, so too do tips from readers in the PR world.

We received an anonymous tip this morning from a reader who called our attention to an odd news release entitled “Neil Dhillon Discusses Work in Top 10 PR Firm.”  Issued with the website linked throughout it, rather than that of his employer, The MWW PR Group, it smacked of a cheap Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactic.

The poorly written press release said that “Neil Dhillon, a top expert in the fields of public affairs, communications and media relations, recently discussed his work at MWW Group, one of the nation’s Top 10 PR firms”, and continued that “Dhillon, located on the web at, notes that there were some transitional differences in working for a large PR firm from working for Congressman Bob Matsui or President Bill Clinton.”

A Google search revealed that clearly Mr. Dhillon – a Senior Vice President at MWWPR is employing an online reputation management (ORM) company to hide negatives on Google – which remain on Page 1 of the search for his name, detailing his 1989 conviction for assault, which also involved racial slurs.

As The Baltimore Sun reported in 1994, “Neil S. Dhillon, regarded as one of the top contenders for the 6th District Democratic congressional nomination, was convicted in 1989 of assaulting a female bank employee in Virginia. A Fairfax County district judge found Mr. Dhillon guilty of the misdemeanor charge and gave him a 10-day suspended jail sentence and a $50 fine, according to court records. He placed Mr. Dhillon on 12 months probation.”

Dhillon allegedly used racial slurs in the incident – and while he initially denied the incident to the newspaper, he eventually owned up to it, noting”I believe this is not the measure of who I am.”

We tend to agree, and we chalk this one up to youthful indiscretion.  It’s a dumb mistake which shouldn’t haunt him 25+ years later.  However, we ask why hasn’t he done proper SEO to move this story down Google?

Mr. Dhillon has had a long successful career prior to joining Michael Kempner’s PR Agency at firms, including Financial Dynamics and Hill+Knowlton. We don’t understand why he’s not doing proper online reputation to clean his name.

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