ESPN PR Woes Continue with Neil Goldberg

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It all started last year, with the Erin Andrews peephole case, and since, ESPN’s staff has been in the news for the wrong reasons at least once every two-three months. The list includes names like Steve Phillips, Tony Kornheiser, Hannah Storm and now, Neil Goldberg, the coordinating producer of motorsports coverage for Bristol-based ESPN, has recently been arrested on a public indecency charge.

The police confirmed that Neil Goldberg turned himself in Tuesday to face charges including public indecency, trespass, disorderly conduct and breach of peace. The incident happened last month in Connecticut apartment complex where Goldberg lives. He was seen by a pedestrian standing on a stool and masturbating while peering in a window. The pedestrian, an unnamed lady who happened to be walking her dog at the time, called the police and reported the incident.

Police identified Goldberg as a suspect, and, according to reports, he admitted watching his neighbor get dressed in her bedroom. Goldberg was released on $1,000 bail, and he is scheduled to appear in Superior Court in Hartford later this month.

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