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The City of New Rochelle, New York is seeking a PR agency to assist the City in fostering Economic Development. The Consultant shall work in marketing outreach, with groups such as New Rochelle Business Improvement District (BID), Industrial Development Agency (IDA), Corporation for Local Development (CLD) and businesses and media representatives. The city wants to use PR to assist citizens, developers, real estate brokers, and prospective residents and businesses with our one-stop shopping approach to development.

Scope of Work

Assist Development and IDA staff in addressing current issues within the City through coordinating and facilitating press conferences, city-wide events, interviews, articles and cultivate relationships with reporters from local, regional and national media

Assist Development and IDA staff in coordinating management of public information involving planning, preparing and distributing written or broadcast information designed to promote understanding or general knowledge about activities, services, policies and objectives in the City of New Rochelle

Assist Development and IDA staff in fielding media inquiries, drafting press statements and serve as chief spokesperson with media. Maintain a media record of outreach, public statement and comments and cultivate relationships with reporters and editors from print and electronic media

The Consultant will carry out public relations, media, community and external affairs services as it relates to economic development and growth, including:

  1. Regarding mainstream media outlets, the retained Contractor’s primary job will be to develop media coverage pertaining to various events for the City of New Rochelle.
  2. Responsibilities will include the following actions:
    • Assist in developing a media plan, community outreach and press interviews
    • Elicit media attendance and coverage;
    • Assist in managing overall media relations including developing relationship with key contacts.
    • Use social media as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Discussion Groups to communicate policy decisions in a clear and concise manner
    • Assist in developing all supporting materials and media kit;
    • Respond to and maximize all press inquiries;
    • Develop and distribute advisories to media contacts;
    • Provide copies of all press releases monthly.

Assist the Department of Economic Development in marketing materials for distribution for Business Development and Retail Recruitment Strategy and studies

Proposal due on June 30, 2016 to:

Purchasing Office
City of New Rochelle City Hall
Attn: Spec 5130
515 North Avenue
New Rochelle, N.Y. 10801

Agencies that could make sense for this assignment include DKC PR, 5WPR & Coyne PR.

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