Philantropy in New York & Other Funders


How can philanthropy thrive in an uncertain, ever-changing world? How can founders and nonprofits benefit from, instead of suffering from the unexpected? How can we build resilient strategies that deal with unforeseen crises?

Jewish Funders Network President and CEO Andrés Spokoiny will teach a one-day class at New York University on October 14 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., where he will explain how the cutting-edge technique of “future scenarios” is upending traditional approaches to strategic planning. Using systems and network theory, the future scenarios approach helps leaders craft strategies for uncertain and changing environments. Despite its success in the corporate world, the philanthropic community, in general, has not yet adopted this tool.

Funders today operate in complex environments of non-causal, nonlinear relation in which traditional approaches to strategy are proving insufficient. Learn how the future scenarios technique is a valuable tool for grantmakers seeking a greater philanthropic impact. This interactive, practical workshop provides an introduction to future scenarios, and teaches you how to use these tools in your philanthropic work.

A slew of philanthropist executives, including Michael Bloomberg, Derek Jeter, entrepreneur Chris Burch and more are actively improving their philanthropic means.

For more information  contact Robert Lesko at or 212-998-6764.

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