Born & Bred Hot-Shot NY’ers In PR Agency World

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Public Relations and New York have always gone hand in hand. Here is our list of the top PR born and raised NY’ers in the Public Relations industry!

Howard Rubenstein Everything-pr

Howard Rubenstein

Howard Rubenstein doesn’t just have a premier name in the PR world, he’s got a great story behind his success also. He is a legend who has worked with the who’s who of New York – from Donald Trump to “Rudy” Giuliani, there’s little in the Gotham State he didn’t touch during his prime. The Harvard Law School dropout has made PR look easy.

Howard Rubenstein learned PR as he went along, partly from the experience of his father as a journalist, and more from his unique ability to bring people together even when they wanted nothing to do with each other. He’s one of a kind and without pier in what he does. By all appearances, he still seems to think his work is more play than job, no matter how many hours he puts into his daily efforts. His influence weaves several long and lasting threads into the history of the city.

Now in his ‘80’s, he continues to counsel Rupert Murdoch amongst others from his office which overlooks Central Park and is on 6th Avenue.  The Rubenstein family  – and Rubenstein Associates has a special place in New York City’s public relations history.


Dan Klores

As a PR specialist, Dan Klores is a man wearing many hats and has a hand in a variety of ventures. He has the heart of a true writer and is Executive Editor of AVENUE Magazine. Flair is Dan’s middle name, and you can see just that attributed to films like “Crazy Love,” “Black Magic” or “City by the Sea” all either directed or produced by Mr. Klores.

This is definitely a PR man with the heart of New York City beating within him. He worked with Howard Rubenstein before starting his own firm in 1991. Currently he continues as Chairman of DKC PR but focuses most of his attention on his more creative endeavors. His firm, DKC Associates, continues to be a premier agency and is in the top 10 PR agencies in the U.S. During his more active PR days, he handled A-List clients like Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, and Howard Stern.

But life in his younger years was not as positively focused. He grew up in Brighton Beach and later attended the University of South Carolina – for eight years – on and off. In the off times he battled issues with drug abuse, and worked some colorful jobs like freelance writer, backgammon hustler, bartender, and teacher. Those may have been difficult times, but as they say about writers and creatives, it all becomes part of a story they tell at some point.

Today, he has a management team run his agency.

Ken Sunshine everything-pr

Ken Sunshine

Based on a ranking system where Business Insider used the trait of “power in business,” Ken Sunshine was ranked number 6 out of 20 named candidates. Ken is a PR consultant whose professional foundation began with New York politics. So you’ve guessed it. This is another top-notch New Yorker with a knack for reputation. Sunshine Sachs brings to the table a great deal of reputation to be very specific.

The names include Jon Bon Jovi, Ben Affleck the Jackson family, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Celebrities and liberal politics will always have a place in New York and Ken Sunshine – in his 60’s – is still very much a part of the mix. In the early days of his firm, just after it began in 1991, his first clients included Barbra Streisand, 1199: The National Health Care Workers’ Union, and the 1992 National Democratic Convention. That seems to fit a man who served with Mayors and Governors in New York in administrative and advisory capacities.

Former New York Mayor David Dinkins says, “He cares about people and causes. His general philosophy is in sync with liberals and progressives.” As a student in the 1970s at Cornell University, he was an activist. His first work after school was as a community organizer, before community organizing was cool.

Ronn Torossian everything-pr

Ronn Torossian

The 5WPR CEO, Ronn Torossian is a big-time New Yorker, who seems to take pride in being the hardest working man in the Public Relations industry. Of late, he is seen at the center of so much about New York – from representing medallion owners to mediating a dispute between the Mayor of NY and the police when they were at odds.

His agency for the 1st time reached the status of a top 20 independent firm in 2014, and his book is a PR best-seller with a dream title fit for the PR industry, “For Immediate Release.”  There is no question that the future of New York PR and Ronn Torossian go hand in hand.

Torossian was born in Brooklyn and raised in the Bronx.  He’s a graduate of the prestigious Stuyvesant High School in New York – He’s been called brash and a scrapper, but his clients love him for his unfailing energy and willingness to do battle for them.

Matt Hiltzik everything-pr

Matt Hiltzik

This publicity guru is a native of Teaneck, New Jersey and runs Hiltzik Strategies with a law degree from Fordham Law School. Big names who want to get out of trouble often first speak with Matt Hiltzik, and these include scandals and scams his clients face. When a fan of Justin Bieber accused the young star of impregnating her while backstage in California, it was Mr. Hiltzik who carefully navigated the public debacle for the Biebs.

Matt has credentials with Miramax, even serving as the personal publicist of Harvey Weinstein. He took a leave of absence while working at Miramax to aide Hillary Clinton on multiple occasions as director and publicist. He has served as executive producer of the documentary films Paper Clips and Holy Land Hardball. Matt also co-produced the documentary Connected. Additionally, he has contributed to the Jewish magazine Tablet.

During the summer of 2015, Matt was invited to serve on the board of directors of the New York City Economic Development Corporation. This is the first time a PR executive has served as a director. NYCEDC is a not-for-profit corporation fostering growth throughout the five boroughs. Their goal is to help improve the quality of life, drive growth, and create jobs for those living in the Greater New York City area.

Clearly all of these born and bred NY’ers are at the top of the New York PR firm & Public Relations world.

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