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2016-06-24 by Archie Obrien

Zach Leibowitz Promoted at Dukas Linden

Dukas Linden PR moved Zach Leibowitz to his new spot as executive VP to manage broadcast media relations for assets and wealth management of clients and professional services groups. Leibowitz has been with DLPR since 2010 when he started as a senior account exec and has helped build broadcast operations for the firm.

Before coming to work at DLPR, Leibowitz worked for Fox Business News’ morning shows, ESPN, and ABC News in DC covering daily national press conferences. He’s a graduate from George Washington University and holds a master’s degree from Drexel University.

Attention headhunters – He may be one of the few talented people at this subpar firm.

Portland Communications Adds Russia as One of the Top 30 Countries with Soft Power

portland communications logo

For the first time, Russia has made the annual ranking list put together by Portland Communications, a U.K.-based PR firm. Making the list means the country has shown an ability to influence other countries through civil societal values and culture. Russia debuted at #27.  That ranking was determined by considering such areas as culture, education, business climate, development of info tech, government, how the government engages in the resolution of global problems and other issues outside its borders. After all of that, they also consider the opinion of others around the world about the government.

If you want to see the full list, go to the rankings here.

National Lacrosse League Working with Brownstein Group for PR and Marketing

the brownstein group

The NLL has hired the Brownstein Group to increase visibility in the marketplace. They’ve also added some on-staff heavy hitters including Ashley Dabb as CMO. Dabb previously was Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer’s marketing and communications leader. Also added was Kevin Morgan as Chief Revenue Officer. Morgan’s resume includes jobs with the NBA, NFL, and NASCAR.

It’s expected that Brownstein’s efforts will focus on television and expansion in the North America. Currently, the NLL is only in nine cities, four of those are in Canada. The league has whispered the possibility of adding more teams in 2018, but until then, it’s hard to build much of a fan base outside the cities where the NLL has teams. Current teams doing the best from a financial and other perspectives are those where the NLL teams are owned by NHL teams also in that city (Calgary, Colorado, and Buffalo) allowing them to share expenses on normal business services and salaries. Also, possibilities for new team locations could be smaller communities wanting a sports franchise, as was the case with Saskatoon.

Ketchum Representing Rome’s 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Bid

Ketchum was founded in 1919 and has a history of working with entities and the Olympic Committee. In 2013, they helped reinstate wrestling to the Olympic program, and they helped in efforts by London to get the 2012 Olympics. Rome has not attempted to bring the games to their city since 1960. The host for the 2024 Olympics should be announced in 2017 at the end of the International Olympic Committee’s board session in Lima. Other strong contenders include Los Angeles, Paris, and Budapest.

Ketchum’s Milan office is most likely to spearhead the Olympic efforts. A statement from Rome 2024 said, “Following an international bid, the Committee has selected the global network of Ketchum, comprised of more than one-hundred offices in seventy countries worldwide and widely acknowledged for its substantial track record of sports and large-scale events communication.”

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