Nielsen Launches New Measurement Tool for Digital Advertising

2012-03-19 by EPR Staff

nielsen logoDigital channels have been drawing more advertising dollars for years now and their market share keeps increasing. Yet measuring the results of digital advertising campaigns is still a tricky matter. Nielsen has just revealed a new measurement tool today that strives to bring the accuracy of TV advertisement monitoring to the campaigns ran on digital channels.

Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Rating, the result of a development partnership with WPP’s Group M, is an extension of their existing Online Campaign Ratings solutions. The new tool enables digital advertisers to track the reach, frequency, and GRP metrics for their campaign. This means they will be able to know important details about their audiences, such as the age and gender of up to 50% of people who see their digital ads.

The new cross-platform ad tracking tool will combine the data it draws for digital campaigns with Nielsen’s existing services revealing data on television ad campaigns, offering advertisers an overall view about their marketing campaigns throughout all the channels they employ.

“Cross-platform metrics are essential to both buyers and sellers of advertising,” said Steve Hasker, president of media products and advertiser solutions for Nielsen, in a press release. “Every day, we’re hearing from advertisers, online publishers, TV networks and agencies that a better system of measurement is required. Through working closely with GroupM and others in the industry we believe we can help create best practices that will benefit the entire ecosystem.”

Measurement is definitely an area that still needs improvements in the digital world and Nielsen and Group M are definitely tapping into the potential of campaign ratings data. The two companies also disclosed that they are still collaborating to release new measurement tools that will go beyond the digital and television marketing channels. Based on current market trends, the rumor they might be developing a mobile advertising measurement tool is not farfetched.