Non-Profit Seeks Pro-Bono PR Agency

Non-Profit Seeks Pro-Bono PR Agency

A Free Bird Organization, a New York City non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and nourishing the artistic passions of children who suffer from cancer is seeking a pro-bono PR organization.

About A Free Bird Organization Non-Profit

They are devoted to helping to provide opportunities for children fighting cancer to gain first-hand experiences with music, dance, acting and visual arts. Children and their families, who are dealing with the hardships of cancer, are able to take a step outside of their struggles and see how the arts can bring joy, hope, and a new means of self-expression.

In particular, Falyn Vega is a 16-year-old, aspiring singer who has overcome her battle with cancer through the power of music and is becoming the face of I Am A Free Bird campaign 2016. In celebration of her bravery and talent the organization  collaborated with Music Works NYC and Manhattan Studios to record an original song written by, the President and Founder of AFB organization, Godni Amir, produced by Sony’s music producer, Synematik, also ensemble vocalists, Corey Chorus, who has written for and worked with Rihanna and Demi Lovato, and Kim Viera, who has written for Lil Wayne. Additionally, Falyn will be performing this single at Madison Square Garden on September 13th, with the goal of giving her much deserved stardom and unforgettable experiences.

The I Am A Free Bird music video will feature 3 of AFB children, each of whom has found the arts within themselves that A Free Bird has took part in by inspiring, educating and celebrating them in their journey of becoming artists.

Goals & Objective

They seek a pro-bono PR firm for the I Am A Free Bird Campaign 2016. The focus of this campaign is to create nationwide awareness about childhood cancer, help children build hope through the arts as a vehicle, allow children to communicate and engage in self-expression.

Interested parties are asked to contact Emmi Michel at

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