North Star Fund Issues Public Relations RFP

2019-02-06 by EPR Staff
North Star Fund
North Star Fund


North Star Fund invites proposals from individuals, firms or collaborating consultants (“Consultant”) to partner with our team in developing a bold public relations campaign associated with the 40th anniversary of the organization. The proposed project begins in March and continues through June 30, 2019, with the potential for renewal.


Founded in 1979, North Star Fund supports grassroots organizing in New York City and the Hudson Valley. Our work is divided into three central areas: (1) providing grants in support of organizing led by communities most impacted by the issues they address; (2) seeding new movements and building capacity of local organizing to achieve victories and broaden impact; and (3) deepening and expanding an ecosystem of donors and philanthropic organizations committed to funding social justice. A summary of our work is available at

In 2017, North Star Fund experienced a significant leadership transition, welcoming Jennifer Ching as its first new Executive Director in over a decade. Also that year, we expanded outside New York City for the first time in our history to support groups in the Hudson Valley. This spring, we’ll release our new strategic plan, mission and vision. Amidst these important shifts, as well as the intensive need for and focus on grassroots organizing in the challenging political climate, we are celebrating our 40th anniversary.

North Star Fund seeks a Consultant to partner with our team as we set out to achieve our anniversary ambitious goals. Our ideal candidate will share our commitment to social justice and grassroots organizing, have a proven track record in elevating the profile of it clients and present creative, exciting approaches towards engagement reflective of our donor activist community.

Scope of Work:

The 40th Anniversary of North Star Fund is an opportunity to produce informative, inspired strategic communications to new audiences.

In the summer of 2018, North Star Fund conducted a 40th Anniversary feasibility study to determine high-potential goals for our 40th Anniversary campaign as well as strategy recommendations to achieve those goals. Several were in relation to fundraising and an endowment. Non-fundraising goals include:

                ● Increase the profile of the executive director as a thought leader in social justice funding and             new philanthropic models

                ● Deepen non-solicitation engagement with major donors

                ● Develop and launch a networking engagement strategy for mid-range donors

                ● Communicate the role of North Star Fund in resourcing social justice successes in New York City over our 40-year history

In support of the goals above, the scope of work includes, but is not limited to the following:

                ● Execute a targeted public relations campaign to generate feature articles, event listings, and               related publicity for events and programs targeting publicity in print, TV, podcasts, radio and   online outlets;

                ● Write, format (with photos) and distribute press releases to print, online and broadcast         media;

                ● Garner coverage for North Star Fund events and programs including but not limited to: Giving             Project and the 40th Anniversary Community Gala;

                ● Conduct personal follow-up on outreach via phone, email and mail;

                ● Arrange media interviews and coordinate messaging with North Star Fund spokespeople      and/or third parties;

                ● Envision, plan and implement creative media when appropriate to drive coverage;

                ● Utilize social media to generate publicity, word of mouth and grow North Star Fund’s overall               social media presence;

                ● Utilize tools and technology including digital media and blogging to support day-to-day          marketing efforts;

                ● Track coverage and measure overall efforts, delivering periodic reports (including estimated               number of impressions and media value).

Due Date:

February 15th, 2019. 


Agencies to be considered include Makovsky PR and APCO Worldwide.