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2017-06-15 by Richard D. Pace

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The digital age has fundamentally changed public relations, with all of the benefits also come new challenges. Consumers are now able to engage with brands and companies with infinite ease. While this can be positive for brands, it also presents one of the great challenges a business can face – an unfavorable reputation sparked by negative publicity and bad reviews that can be posted all over the Internet. From comments left on review forums to Tweets and Facebook posts highlighting negative experiences, brands and their PR teams are constantly faced with trivial customer service concerns that are now being broadcast to the world.

There is a plethora of evidence showing that review sites are inherently flawed due to the simple psychology that individuals are much more likely to leave a negative review than a positive one. Many of the popular rating scales and review sites are also imperfect because of false reviews and unfairly weighted rankings.  Beyond that, they’re simply reflective of an experience an individual had at a particular time, not necessarily reflective of the overall quality of a business.  Simply put, a customer can have a terrific experience with a bad company the same as they can have a terrible experience with a great company.

Almost every sector, whether it be consumer or technology, can be affected by negative reviews and the impact they can have on a company’s reputation and reliability. Consumer brands and service providers tend to be impacted the most.  At any moment, a damaging post, review or rating can come through that could lead to the next viral campaign on social media. Practitioners need to be aware of the importance these popular review sites hold and the damage that untrue reviews and ratings can cause to their clients.

Given all of this, we decided to do our own project in reviewing the quality of businesses in a particular industry.  We landed on the moving industry in New York for a few reasons: we’re at the start of peak moving season, moving is something almost everyone has experienced at one time, and the industry relies heavily on online customer reviews.

On average, more than 40 million people move each year in the United States. Almost half of these moves are condensed into the three busy summer months of June, July, and August. Given the numbers, the term “best movers” is certain to be one of the most popular searched terms this time of year and while the Internet can tell you the busiest times of the year to move, and even the most common states people move to and from, we could not find a trustworthy, comprehensive list of the most reputable moving companies that people can rely on when planning their next move.

As a result, people must rely on flawed review sites that consist of many paid and fake reviews painting a skewed image of many moving companies.  To be clear, not all reviews are false or misleading, many are fair and accurate representations of a person’s experience be it good or bad, but for our purposes, we were focused on comparing how review sites rank these companies and how our research would rank them.

So, we researched more than 30 moving companies in order to compile a list of the top ten based on a range of criteria including price comparison, customer service satisfaction, insurance policies, price transparency, etc.  As part of our effort, we looked at how they ranked on Yelp, we researched whether each company was insured and bonded, received price quotes from each on the exact same type of move, called their front desks, looked at their facilities and equipment, and evaluated the online experience that each company provides.  We did our homework.

One aspect that repeatedly cropped up when conducting the research is that the pricing provided by many moving companies can be misleading. Numerous moving companies charge on an hourly basis, which on the day of the move can actually amount to 40% more than the original price quote due to traffic, parking difficulties, unforeseen mishaps etc. As a result of this, it is highly advisable to hire a company that offers a flat rate or guaranteed price.

In an effort to find the most reputable moving company in New York City, various criteria were taken into account in order to provide an authoritative list for anyone planning a move during peak moving season. We boiled it down to the ten best moving companies as depicted in the table below.  While all ten moving companies on this list are a viable option for your next move, FlatRate Moving came out on top because it ranked highly in the most categories.  We found them to be trustworthy and reliable, they provided a superior customer service and the best all-inclusive package deal and true to their name, offered a flat rate that did not change.

The movers you choose to help you pack and transport your belongings to your new home are an integral component of the larger transformative moving process. Whether it is moving into a larger home because your family is growing or moving into your first NYC apartment, planning a move is a big step, one that should be made carefully and left only in the most professional hands.  We hope this list comes in handy for those who are currently looking to hire a moving company.

Top 10 moving companies in New York

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