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2017-04-28 by Jason Tannahill

The New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) on behalf of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (“MOME”), is seeking an appropriately qualified vendor to create and execute public education and media content and campaigns, PSAs and other associated content, purchase media, and advise on targeted media campaigns. The contractor will produce a variety of materials and media formats to target specific audiences within the population as necessary, depending on program requirements.


MOME comprises the Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting (OFTB) and NYC Media. OFTB is the one-stop shop for all media production needs in New York City, including permits, free exterior locations and free police assistance. The agency markets NYC as a prime location, provides premiere customer service to production companies, and supports the media industry throughout the five boroughs. NYC Media operates a noncommercial broadcast television station, several cable television channels and a radio station. The network features programming about New York City lifestyle, culture, government, and history. MOME maintains a website and generates content to support its other media and digital initiatives.

Agency Goals and Objectives for this RFP

The Agency’s goals and objectives for this RFP are to convey effective messages to the public through media campaigns intended to promote agency initiatives, including, but not limited to:

  • Marketing campaigns to promote New York City as a location for film, television, and other media- related production.
  • Marketing campaigns to promote and support New York City’s local film, television, and other media- related sectors.
  • Marketing campaigns to promote NYC Media’s television, radio, web and other initiatives.
  • PSAs and other content to support and promote MOME agency operations.
  • Media buys to support MOME agency initiatives.
  • Such campaigns and media buys may include Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) properties (subway, bus, station, outdoor), television, print, radio, out-of-home and/or Web-based media.


  • The Contractor would provide marketing services to the Agency on a work order basis and specifically would:
    • Create, develop, and/or produce multi-faceted campaigns, including, but not limited to, multimedia and digital content as specified by the Agency.
    • Create, develop, and/or produce multimedia and digital content for broadcast, print and/or online distribution to support and promote MOME agency operations.
    • Create project themes, slogans and logos.
    • Develop and implement innovative promotional campaigns, including the distribution of promotional items.
    • Conduct market research/surveys/focus groups in order to evaluate the effectiveness of media campaigns, assess attitudes and perceptions regarding education and media, and develop ways to improve the effectiveness of future media campaigns and initiatives.
    • Design copy and art for printed, video, mobile and online materials, including flyers, brochures, posters, banners, decals, letterhead, envelopes web sites and e-mail campaigns.
    • Design copy and art for promotional items such as magnets, buttons, T-shirts, caps, mugs and pencils.
      • Produce print advertising for newspapers, magazines, transit systems (buses/subways), telephone kiosks, and billboard advertising.
    • Provide all creative services necessary for production, including typesetting, printing, filming, dubbing, recording, editing, and photographic services.
    • Provide all campaign and other media in a variety of electronic formats (i.e. JPEG, PDA, GIF, TIF, video streams, etc.)
    • Create digital campaign assets, such as websites and smartphone apps.
    • Develop media plans for each campaign, based on target audience and budget; negotiate value- added placement due to PSA messaging; traffic advertising creative; and provide regular reporting on impressions earned and campaign reach.
    • Execute media buys in all requested markets to support MOME agency initiatives.
  • The Contractor would provide an account representative, subject to approval by the Agency, to serve as a single point of contact for all services. The account representative and other staff members would meet with the Agency’s representatives as necessary to discuss creative, marketing, and planning strategy and objectives. The Contractor would provide advice, counsel and assistance to the Agency on all matters relating to the scope of work. If the Agency does not find the account representative to be satisfactory, the Agency may require the Contractor to replace this person.
  • The Contractor’s assigned managerial and creative personnel would sufficiently understand the principles of advertising, writing, and graphic design, and consistently provide high-quality professional services.
  • The Contractor would complete all types/facets of campaign content at broadcast quality, including tapes, cassettes or high-resolution digital files for commercials and camera-ready art for print.
  • The Contractor would be responsible for all production costs as well as talent fees for commercials and other created content.
  • The Contractor would receive approval from the Agency for each phase in the development of a campaign before moving to the next phase. Phases of campaigns will be demarcated by project completion milestones that are specified in Work Orders.
  • The Contractor would develop and execute pre-and post-campaign evaluation plans for each campaign.

Proposal due by May 16, 2017 to:
Paul Simms
255 Greenwich Street, 9th Floor New York, NY 10007

Strong NYC centric PR firms include DKC PR, 5WPR and Rubenstein Communications.

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