Atlanta Capital Partners Takes on PR for O.C. Beverages

Atlanta Capital Partners PR

O.C. Beverages, INC, has just brought Atlanta Capital Partners on board their team to help launch a new accelerated growth program. The drink company is looking to expand their business. They currently produce and bottle an assortment of beverages, including flavored waters, teas and alcoholic beverages.

While ongoing growth is the main goal with this fusion of companies, O.C. Beverages is about to launch a new super anti-oxidant beverage called “Release”. The drink contains glutathione which helps the body purify itself and which contains a number of vitamins and minerals, including selenium, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin D, among others. Release is still in development, but should be ready for the pubic shortly and Atlanta Capital Partners will be helping make the launch a success by looking for investors to take part in this unique opportunity.

“We’re extremely proud to be associated with Atlanta Capital Partners,” said President and CEO of O.C. Beverages, Lee Danna. “We are confident in its ability to help us as we begin to grow and expand our company. We expect many exciting opportunities for our Company and our investors. Atlanta Capital Partners will play an integral role in ensuring we reach the investment community with our message.”

Atlantic Capital Partners is a PR firm that specializes in developing business strategies and public relations. The firm has spent many years aiding investors in their discovery of the perfect investment opportunity and connecting innovative businesses with those interested in providing the funds necessary to grow and expand.

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