Omer Tsimhoni Files for Full Custody of Children in High Profile Michigan Court Case

omer tsimhoni court case

In a case which has attracted world-wide media attention, Omer Tsimhoni today filed for full custody of his children in Michigan court today, Everything PR is the first to report.  This case was covered today in the local Detroit media for the extensive social media campaigns surrounding it.

As per his filings, the case states that “the issues of custody and parenting time have been in constant dispute as a result of Plaintiff Mother’s refusal to cooperate with Defendant Father and her refusal to effectuate and encourage parenting time with the children and their father. Since the filing for divorce and thereafter, Defendant Father has been diligent in his efforts to maintain a relationship with the children and came to the United States to see the children regularly.”

The filings continue that “Unfortunately, Plaintiff Mother has  been  a  constant  roadblock  to Defendant Father’s relationship with the children, and her  campaign  began  the moment  she left  Israel  and filed for divorce in the United States. Defendant Father has been forced to file numerous  motions to enforce the Judgment of Divorce ru1ed to exercise his parenting time as Plaintiff Mother has flatly refused to cooperate or facilitate any relationship between the three minor children ru1d their father,  even  leaving  the country to avoid and obstruct Defendru1t Father’s parenting   time. Not only has Defendant Father had to file such motions, but the Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) has also had to file motions on behalf of the children  to  commence  visitation  with their father when he is in the United States.”

Everything PR has also learned that Maya Tsimhoni has terminated her current attorney, Lisa Stern.  We understand she is searching for new representation.

The father’s filing for full custody continues to state “In addition, in the past two (2) years, the GAL has filed multiple reports detailing Mother’s wrongful behavior and has issued many recommendations in response to Plaintiff Mother’s blatant refusal to follow this Court’s written orders, as well as the tenants of joint custody as defined by Michigan Law. In the past two (2) years Plaintiff Mother has had at least four (4) lawyers withdraw from her case, and has had at least eight (8) lawyers in the past six (6) years discontinue their representation.”

 The childrens father, Omer Tsimhoni has requested the following  relief:

  • Grant immediate interim sole legal custody of the parties’ three children to Defendant Father;
  • Schedule this matter for an evidentiary hearing regarding Defendant Father’s request for permanent legal and physical custody of the children;
  • Thereafter, grant sole legal and physical custody of the parties’ three minor children to Defendant Father;
  • Require intensive therapy focused on the reunification and reintegration of Defendant Father into the children’s lives at Plaintiff Mother’s sole expense;
  • Require Plaintiff Mother to submit to a psychological and, if deemed necessary by the psychologist, a psychiatric examination at her sole expense;
  • Permit Plaintiff Mother to have supervised visitation only after consultation and approval of a court-approved mental health professional and the GAL;
  • For an award of attorney fees and costs for having to file this Motion in the amount of $5,000.00;
  • For such other relief as the Court deems just and appropriate.

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