The Case of Maya Eibschitz Tsimhoni v. Omer Tsimhoni

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Inaccurate media reports are currently circulating regarding the case of  Maya Eibschitz Tsimhoni v. Omer Tsimhoni.

Tsimhoni Kids Released

Today, the judge ordered the Tsimhoni kids to be released.  Below are the official documents for the the full findings:

Tsimhoni Kids Released - Case Updates by Everything PR

Tsimhoni Kids Released - Case Updates by Everything PR

Let us know your thoughts on the Omer Tsimhoni and Maya Eibschitz case in the comments section below.

Updated 7/09/2015 @ 2:53pm EST:

Omer Tsimhoni Court Filings Documenting Maya Eibschitz Tsimhoni, The Kids’ Mother Damaging Children

The story surrounding the Tsimhoni children has been covered all over the world – from The Guardian to Fox News, The Detroit Free Press to Buzzfeed. And while the case has been misreported in the media, the New York Observer ran an exclusive interview with Omer Tsimhoni.

free tsimhoni kids on twitter

There’s many twitter posts under the hashtag: #freeTsimhonikids, #tsimhonikids and others.

In the below document’s which Everything PR has exclusively obtained which was filed in the Family Division of Michigan State Court as an order to show cause.  As can be shown in the attached documents:

 Multiple doctors and court-appointed mental health professionals for the children noted that the mother is causing significant alienation to the children, which can result in emotional suffering and damage to the children.

The mother has repeatedly disobeyed the courts orders.

The guardian ad litem noted that allowing the mothers’ behavior to go unchecked would be condoning her alienating and bizarre behavior to have the children act in a cult-like manner. (Courts often appoint guardians ad litem to represent childrens’ interests in cases involving custody)

The mother refused to provide home address of children to their father – a father who has been deemed fit and competent – and has joint custody of the children.

It is believed that the children suffer from “Parental Alienation Syndrome,” and multiple experts have advised that the children need help.

In the media, WWJ-TV Legal Analyst Charlie Langton noted “The judge felt that the kids should be taken away from mom. And what do you do when you’ve got a parent, a so-called bad mom in general terms, and a father who is in Israel right now, where do you go with these children? You put them in Children’s Village because that’s ordered counseling. It’s not the bad side where there’s criminals in Children’s Village. It’s a place where they go when you have two parents who are not able to parent.”

One thing is for sure – the kids are surely the losers in this fight. Everything PR will continue to provide information on the ongoing story which is attracting national media coverage.


Originally Published 7/09/2015 @ 12:00pm

The following is a statement from Mr. Tsimhoni’s legal team:

After more than 5 years in family court, and dozens of court appearances in this matter, Ms. Eibschitz is continuing with her reckless behavior which endangers the children. She has been charged with contempt of court, and is wrongly exploiting the privacy of our children.  This is a continuation of her reckless, and harmful behavior.

The judicial system is aware of all the issues that have transpired.  Her conduct – and false statements – show disrespect for the law and due process.

We trust in the legal process, and will not litigate this matter through the press. We will not release confidential documents and findings which have been shared with the court as this is a matter which concerns minor children.

This situation is traumatic for everyone involved, and it is unfortunate that the mother’s actions have resulted in this situation. The children’s best interest must be of paramount concern.

Ms. Eibschitz continually alienates the children from their father, and has ignored countless court hearings and rulings.

Mr. Tsimhoni has great respect for the court and the legal system.  He is a loving, caring father who desires a healthy relationship with his children. He has spent the past five (5) years combatting unsubstantiated, manipulative, and false claims made by Ms. Eibschitz.

The children have legal counsel, including a court appointed Guardian Ad Litem. Each of the minors also has experienced children’s attorney which have been appointed by the court.  They have not objected to the ruling in question.

The media’s exploitation of three (3) minor children involved in this traumatic situation in the media does not serve the children’s best interests.  The court of law is the appropriate venue.  Photographs of the Tsimhoni children should not be posted online, put in the newspaper or on television. We ask the media to respect the privacy of the children.

Keri Middleditch (P63088)

Attorney for Omer Tsimhoni


  1. Pat Roberts says

    A year later, the kids are traumatized, a coach with a high school education made more than most doctors. The judge was called out for her actions. A fortune was spent, the kids still don’t run joyfully to dad. Lives were ruined, lawyers got rich. The court seals all the documents to cover their ass. Got to love family court…and its right back where it started.

    • Pat Roberts says

      Except now the Judge got a taste of court! It wasn’t just immoral, it was illegal!

  2. Jill says

    The kids are thriving under their mom’s care as they are straight A students, involved in music, temple and sports’ activities and the oldest was invited to a special math program at Stanford over the summer. They aren’t “brainwashed” as they don’t live in a cult but are exposed to other kids at school, friends’ families where they visit, coaches and fellow players on in their sports’ activities etc. The only brainwashing I am seeing in the transcripts is the judge trying to quiet the kids from talking about their discomfort in being with their father. Why not let the kids speak and hear them out? Why are they cut off from speaking? They are clearly highly intelligent and well-adjusted kids that are flourishing at their mom’s home.

    It is disgraceful they were placed in a detention center for trying to speak what was in their hearts. The judge is very partial towards the dad’s point of view and appears incapable of any objectivity so it is best that she recuse herself.

  3. Paul F says

    Dad doesn’t come across as a loving father. He comes off as a guy that wants to win a pissing contest, no matter how much it costs, or who it hurts. Trying to paint Mandy’s as anything but a punitive action was a mistake. They may not have slept with violent offenders but they had to go to school with them. The judge made sure she mentioned summer school. It sure wasn’t two weeks at Disneyland. Just having your dad leave you in custody would be enough for any kid to hate him the rest of their lives.

  4. N Kalup says

    The 15 year old tells the father is violent and he has seen him hitting mother. This is FACT. The judge do not believe him. Is this parent alienation????. It is the more like the bitch of a judge is trying to brainwash the kids.The fathers lawyer is friends with judge. This makes more sense than parental alienation. This should be investigated. Get the kids,mother and dad through lie detectors. Then we can decide who is lying. Relationships cannot be FORCED. They should happen naturally. The dad cannot remedy his violent and abusive past by court orders.

  5. Karen GS says

    My question is why she is like this in the first place. Usually when a woman is this vehement against her ex it is because he was either abusive ( like the teen said) or unfaithful or both. Yes, the Judge think he is a swell ol guy…. well, abusers are experts at giving that impression. I know, I was married to one. He gave me plenty of bruises, choked me to unconsciousness and fractured a vertebrae in my mid back. Everyone around us including my whole family thought he was a prince. I commented on that shortly before I kicked him out…. his answer? “Yeah, I had everybody fooled, didn’t I”. All the focus is on the mom. All the “intervention” is about parental alienation. The boys comment about his father being violent is dismissed out of hand. Did anyone, anywhere ever actually check this man out to see what part, if any, he played in creating this fiasco? Or, like my ex, does his quiet, well spoken manner have them all convinced he could do no wrong and is an innocent victim like he is being portrayed. Nothing in the articles I have seen gives any clue…

  6. Pat Roberts says

    I don’t care if Mom is Satan and Dad is so holy he shines. You don’t let a Judge tell your little girl she will have no bed, and have to poop in public. Then you let your kids get hauled off knowing they can have no visitors, and hop a plane to Israel. Biggest loser dad award for this man. I wouldn’t have lunch with him either

    • Stephen Macpherson says

      Well, your right on one count…that the mother is Satan. What the hell gives you the right to think that all mothers are endowed with the God given right of OWNERSHIP over a child. There are two parents involved in the making of a child…..THAT’S RIGHT TWO….NOT ONE. If the mother was half of a decent human being she wouldn’t of spent five years brainwashing her children to make the father pay for her hurts. This happens all the time and its about time laws were put in place to send women like her to jail.

      • Pat Roberts says

        So send mom to prison, not the kids! You can’t tell me the judge couldn’t have found a Jewish foster home for them.

      • Mia C says

        Women like her consider their children to be “possessions” or “accessories”; extensions of themselves rather than individuals. This mother is most likely a Borderline Personality based on records of her behavior and how she has indoctrinated her children.
        So, how to you put a Borderline in their place? How do you make a mother who has continuously wasted the court’s time with ridiculous accusations or just flat out ignoring court orders? You take away what they value the most- what they consider their “currency”- in most cases, it’s their children. ( google Golden Uterus ) What the mother was doing to those kids is ABUSE- keeping them from their other parent (especially if the parent is not a drunk, drug user, or abuser) and teaching them to trash talk and disrespect their other parent is emotional abuse at its finest- Parental Alienation is being recognized more and more in the courts these days, as well as father’s rights. I am glad a judge is making a public spectacle of this, as we all need to be aware of this form of child abuse. Why should the Dad pay out the ass for child support and get limited, if any visitation, when he is capable of having his kids with him part time? Before anyone pipes up that they think I am an embittered father; guess again- I am a woman, and was a young (19 years old) and single mother who’s ex decided that drugs were better than being a dad. Even so, I never brainwashed my kid! Yes, I kept him away from his father during the drug years, but when his Dad sobered up through a program, I had no issues with my son re-establishing a relationship with his father. WHY? Because it’s the UNSELFISH, RIGHT thing to do!!!! Too bad the kids had to be put away, but I think they will now understand how deeply they hurt their dad and how mentally ill their mom really is. I hope the Dad gets full physical and legal custody and that the demon spawn mother gets busted down to supervised visits. She needs medication and therapy- what a sad story-

  7. Melissa says

    Court documents do not lie? You’ve got to be kidding. There are false allegations everywhere.

    A residential facility or in-patient unit is in essence, a jail to children – where the children are held against their will. Having known of children who were removed because of things their parents were doing (especially making insane false allegations in court), the situations did not have positive outcomes. In this particular case, the oldest son told Judge Gorcyca that he didn’t want to talk to his father because his father is violent, and he’s seen the father hit the mother.

    According to court records, Judge Gorcyca scolded one of the teens – saying she doubted that he had a high IQ because of the way he was acting.

    She told the 15-year-old that his father was a great man – and because he was refusing to see the dad, that he could stay in the Children’s Village until he graduates from high school. How would the judge know the father is a “great man?”

    The kids have all been ordered to be kept apart in Children’s Village.

    What did these children do to deserve this? Refuse to have lunch with their father?

    Well, thank goodness they can now go have fun at Summer Camp. Like they would have fun after being so traumatized.

  8. Ram says

    These kids were threatened to be remove from their mother prior before if they don’t comply No matter how manipulative you are I still think you’d do whatever you can to make this kids go out with their father and your kids not be removed from your care. That’s the whole purpose of manipulating your kids for them to remain in your care right?

    The kids choose not to see their dad or have lunch with their father with all that threat. Seriously you guys think this kids will listen to mom? What kind of threat can she give this kids that’s worst than what the judge gave? Time out until they’re 18?

  9. ora says

    If the father agrees to have his children locked up in children’s village, separated from each other, (using the toilet only in public), he is a bad father.
    There is nothing to add to this.

    • Abby says

      He didn’t. In the transcript posted via the mother’s interview with foxnews it was noted that the father had previously objected to that course of action.

  10. Colleen Carro says

    Court Documents don’t lie. The Judge sent the children for “Deprograming Therapy”, otherwise known as help. It’s disciple that this Mother has again used her children as pawns exposing their very private matters with the Media in hope of revenge at Dad. Statistics substantiate that even a child who’s been physically/sexually abused, will not reject a parent ON THEIR OWN. The only way a child can do this is by an immature person’s revenge directed at an ex-spouse or partner. For 20 years it’s been recognized as happening yet it isn’t recognized in the DSM as a “Syndrome”. It’s technically in there, but as “Parental Interference”. Imagine growing up falsely lead to think that half of you is worthless, you tell a child this enough they start to believe I’m worthless. There is an entire “Regime” which goes along with this, many times it includes Family and Friends who help keep the child from a “supposedly” bad, neglectful, abusive parent. STOP and think PEOPLE how many years was the couple together, instantaneously with the “BREAK-UP” that person becomes dangerous?
    Anyone who’s experienced our flawed Family Law system has experienced this firsthand. The mother in this case has played the victim and utilized every resource available to her. Many times a parent who’s in the father’s position is paying exorbitant child support with limits his ability to fight for the justice his children deserve. The RIGHT to have a relationship with BOTH loving parents is a child’s right. Fathers have fought this type of discrimination for years and recently loving mothers have found themselves standing next to Father’s fighting for a right to be in a child’s life that you BROUGHT into this world TOGETHER. No SANE Parent circles a park for over two hours while a Father is parenting his children. When the children were leaving Dad his attempt to have the child consider continuing their already limited time together Mom alleges Domestic Violence came into play. The children are instructed to call 911……….UNFOUNDED, DISMISSED. Again another tactic all too familiar to those watched their children experience this type of abuse.
    Mom choose to take this to the Media and for that the Parental Alienation community, made up of Mothers and Father’s all over the Country THANK HER! HOPEFULLY the exposure and damage children endure from this horrible form of mental abuse at an alienators hands (the mother in this case) is destroying our future generations. Lawmakers need to step up and take notice of the destruction these children have endured at the hands of the very courts that are supposed to protect us. Unfortunately the Judge is taking the heat for this horrendous crime. Mental Health Professionals will agree when you’re dealing with a case of severe Parental Alienation such as this. The only chance for the children is to be removed from the parent who’s harboring this child’s natural thought process. Once they are deprogramed from this horrendous abuse they will be reunited with Mom and hopefully Dad as well. The shame of this matter is that this family’s painful journey has been exploited for the public. Those of us who’ve experienced this can understand the difficulties this Father has faced. I encourage Lawmakers to stand up and take notice. It is my firm belief children of divorce or failed relationships should spend equal time with both parents.
    An alienated child sometimes comes to the realization of how they’ve been duped. When this happens, there can be a distinct conflict between Siblings. Sadly some signs have been revealed when investigating horrendous crimes, which plagued our Country.
    MOTHERS and FATHERS are dealing this daily. Do you know what it’s like to MOURN a living child? Divorced parents shouldn’t be UNWILLINGLY forced from a child’s life at the hands of out dated, broken Family/Divorce Laws.

    • JAB says

      What kind of father wants his children in prison? Are you just talking about your own divorce? Read the transcripts of this case. And PAS is a theory from a pedophile supporter. It isn’t science. I am sorry for your hard life but please don’t fantasize about a case that is clear-cut.

  11. Anon says

    You just don’t understand (or choose to blind yourself) to the mothers child abuse. The children have been abuse by mom and actually have no real reason not to see dad. The judge is saving then by getting the help they. Red and away from a ill and abusive parent. They are either brainwashed or have their own reason can’t be both. The numerous mental health professionals involved are clear about the abuse the mother is subjecting the children to.

    • Ram says

      I have so much question with all this is . There’s been a threat of the kids being sent to a shelter home months prior. These kids are highly intelligent, they may not fully understand but they know the consequence of defying this judge. They choose to disobey her, they choose to go to the shelter, the younger kids chose to be with the eldest because at the end of the day they have a bond and must have felt safe together. Why is that? Why would they choose that over their father? If they can disobey the judge with all that threat, do you think they will obey their mother to have lunch with their dad? It seems There is no way I can see that happening no matter how the mother beg.

      One person here mentioned , they can make all this go away by seeing their father but they continue to refuse to see him even if it INCLUDES not seeing their mother by choosing to remain in the shelter.

      It doesn’t make sense that you’re telling this kids that the other parent is teaching them to alienate the other by exactly doing the same thing teaching this children to alienate/hate their mother because she’s teaching them to hate their father..

      These kids needs apology from the parents, not defending their actions
      Both parents need to back off and start listening to this kids. The father remarried and have another child, doesn’t he think this has got to do with this as well? maybe his children felt betrayed by him by remarrying.
      There has got to be more why the kids are doing this and no one seem to be listening because it’s all about what the parents want and not what the kids want

  12. Tee says

    Unfortunately – as someone else indicated – many of the posters have got this wrong.

    You can access previous court documents regarding the entire custody debacle (you don’t even have to have a Pacer account) and if we’re being objective both parents are at fault here to varying degrees, but it’s very, very clear that Mom initiated, encouraged and continued the estrangement from very early on.

    Also to note, Dad actually lives in Michigan.

    It is only right therefore, to conclude that had Mom not willingly disobeyed so many orders in a persistent effort to prevent the father from being involved, this situation simply wouldn’t exist.

    The Facebook pages are quite honestly ludicrous.

    • ora says

      I agree that there are lose/lose situations.

      How does the father hope to get a better relationship with his children by putting their mom in jail?
      Of course it is not nice to have children alienated, of course it hurts if contact does not work out as desired. But his course of action can only make things worse.

      • JAB says

        Any father who wants his children in the Children’s Village is an abusive monster. That is not controversial. I think there is a lot of PR work for the father being done in the comments sections. GM must be so ashamed to be behind this.

    • N Kalup says

      So the mom has to brainwash her kids against her wishes and the truth to kids to like the farther?? Because the bitch of a judge going to put her to jail and threatens her and kids? How did the judge come to conclusion that the mother is lying about the abuse and the 15 year old is lying about the abuse and the dad is telling the truth??
      Total fraud by dad and his lawyer and judge.

  13. Nichole Lucero says

    BOTH the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association have rejected the existence of what is referred to as Parental Alienation Syndrome. It does not exist. It is not in the DSM-5 because there is no scientific evidence for it. Period. End of story. Stop talking about it as if it were real. Using imaginary concepts as evidence does nothing to back up your argument.

  14. Michelle says

    WRONG. Bad job of spinning the story.
    This is awful and that father sounds like a manipulative, egomaniacal, control freak!

    The kids are scared. When siblings are scared, they band together to protect each other. Especially with the oldest boy, he is doing what the oldest sibling does to protect the younger ones. That’s not a cult; that’s sibling love.
    I think that this man has money and he is using it to get what he wants.
    Judge Gorcyca should be disbarred and charged with emotional abuse of power.

    Why, if this relationship is so important to him, would he have his kids locked up and leave the country. Think about that – it makes zero sense. His statement and your reports also stray from the court transcript.

    He is paying you a lot of money, huh?
    Does it feel good to sell your soul?
    For shame!

  15. jr says

    These kids will never forgive him. He has ruined their lives. The transcripts are clear that he could have prevented this. Surely you’d rather have kids that hate you than kids who are sent to juvie? The transcript also shows that the kids had never met their legal representatives before that day. Someone who would let this happen does not deserve to have his children speak to him. His ex has been said to be crazy – but it seems to me that he is proving her right. This Judge needs to be thrown out of office.

  16. Unbelievable says

    I kings 3:16-28. Omar has taken a similar position as the kidnapper in this story : “take my kids and cut them in half then nobody can have them”. He has allowed his kids to be jailed indefinitely and uttered not one word to stop it in the transcripts- no amount of PR lies can cover the truth – then he leaves them there for weeks to go back to Israel??? Sounds like he doesn’t love them after all- he is just vindictive like the Solomon story goes. I would NEVER speak to my father again EVER if he allowed a judge to treat me like this and send me away for possibly my entire childhood for doing NOTHING WRONG – would you?!!! His son is a math genius, and omar is ruining his life- all their innocent lives. They now have a juvenile record- thanks, dad! The kids personally witnessed abuse and yet they are jailed for standing up for their beliefs and showing true character – they deserve an award for bravery. They will forever blame their dad.. Omar, judge gorcya, and Appointed guardian Lansat are Unbelievably evil! And what kind of PR firm would take on a client like this?

  17. Joy says

    Haha yeah such a bad dad? The mother had control over her children, she didn’t follow the orders, she tried manipulating the system, her children, even her own lawyer dropped her the day before this happened, because she’s a nutjob, as EVERY SINGLE transcript has illuminated. Their attorneys didn’t even fight this, because they knew it was coming, because the mother is a wingbat. Clearly to everyone involved it was better to have the children in state custody than with the mother. And the father couldnt take them because he goes out of the country for business, like he cant stop working, because hes still paying child support and probably alimony. Seriously? Its a sucky situation but that woman needed a reality check and unfortunately the kids need it too.

  18. Cecile Kiley says

    And regarding the children’s ‘tales’ of spousal abuse. Let the kids undergo a lie detector test (seeing as they’re already enduring the stress of sitting in the corner with the dunce cap on) and let’s see if all of them pass it. Then we’ll KNOW what daddy did to mommy.

    • Anon says

      Actually you would not know because these children are so brainwashed and manipulated that actually believe things that are not true and even things that are not possible to be true. That is the nefarious nature of this form of child abuse by a ill parent.

      • N Kalup says

        Utter BS. The children and mother are afraid and developed a phobia for dad for his violent and abusive behavior in the past.

  19. Jillian says

    In the long run, parental alienation is far more damaging to children than a couple of weeks or months at children’s village. After reading the father’s statements in the Observer I’m more than convinced. This “mom” would be thrown in jail for child abduction if she even sets foot in Israel. She used the courts to “legally” abduct her children and now when the courts don’t continue to allow her to continue to do whatever she wants she snaps back and disrespects the system. Ungrateful much. The kids should probably have been in Israel this entire time with their father and all 4 grandparents. Mom would have moved back eventually and all would be “kosher” today. This is simply [the mom’s] entitlement run amok and now a gaggle of misandrists desire to incite this private family process by dragging the FEMALE judge through the mud as though it’s HER fault the mom is parentally alienating her children and using the oldest to taint the younger ones. I don’t know. I don’t have all the facts but the judge DOES and I think this is probably the only/best way to snap mom and the son into shape.

    • R B says

      Have you ever been to children village? I have and i promise you that the place that they claim that is housing the children away from the “criminals” its the same protocol for care as where they house criminals. Not to mention they said that they separated the kids and if thats the case there’s only 1 bldg that houses children whose parents can’t parent so where are the others being held? It would only leave one of the “criminal” bldgs. They all attend the same school together and so much bullying goes on in there that these kids are bound to be traumatized in some way especially when you add in all the other circumstances surrounding their lives. This is not the place for them. Jail the parents and let the children go to a relative. There has to be at least one that can take their well being into consideration because anyplace is better than juvie.

    • Jen says

      So Mom cannot legally set foot in Israel again without being put in jail, she has a right to fear that her husband will take them to a place where she cannot go. Who knows why she took them away like she did back then? Perhaps she had good reasoning. If he thought she was genuinely insane enough to make up a reason to flee, then he should have taken custody at the beginning, surely his employer would prefer to put him in a job that allowed him to have his kids vs the endless court battles that have transpired instead. The judge has offered him full custody in the past and he says no. Mom can’t be so crazy if she’s fit enough to care for his children.

  20. Cecile Kiley says

    One thing is for sure: EVERYTHING PR is in the pocket of one parent, and NOT serving the interests of the children.

  21. Patricia Carey says

    Best to let the father go to Israel to set up a household to accommodate his family. That is where this is all heading – the mother has displayed enough behavior to have the judgment of joint custody / physical custody changed to the father. In Israel, these children will have the help and support of extended family member as I read both sets of grandparents live there.

    • Sax says

      These children were born in the USA and only lived in Israel for a very short time before the parents separated. It was Omers choice to accept a job in Israle that led to conflict in the marriage as his wife didn’t want to leave – according to his interview. He does not state how the children felt about this move. Omer is remarried with another child so already has a home setup. The report does not state how the children feel about this. Omer has recently relocated his new family back to the USA.
      The idea this punishment of the children will create reconciliation is preposterous. Parental alienation is complex to resolve but it is agreed by professionals the kids must never feel punished or blamed for the situation. If they had been rehomed together in a foster family with a loving caring environment allowing them contact with their friends, family and each other maybe it would make sense. Giving them mandated counselling in a loving environment makes sense. Telling a little girl she will stay in ‘prison’ till she is 18 (in the transcript) unless she decides to love her father is reprehensible.
      This insane judgement is punishing innocent children. It is cruel, counterproductive and Omer is proving his love for his children is not as important as their obedience by allowing it to continue. These children have glowing school reports and were very happy. Now they are traumatised and will actively hate their father. Their mother may be unhappy too but what victory is that at the expense of the children? Though don’t forget in the transcript the judge told the kids her unhappiness it their fault too. The judge also states to the kids that Omer is the only one who has the power to effect their release by telling the judge the kids have decided to have a relationship with him. Omer do the right thing. If you love them set your kids free.

  22. Kathy says

    Did you all not read the same transcript I did? The judge clearly states the father has objected to this action all along. And THE KIDS actually have the power to make this end right now, which I feel is appropriate seeing as the mother has wrongly given them the power in this situation. Please read up on Parental Alienation Syndrome. It is a real thing and the short term damage of being in a detention facility is no where near the long term damage these kids will suffer from alienation. These kids are half mom and half dad and unfortunately when they are alienated from one parent, they grow up one day, see the lies they were told, are unable to have a healthy relationship with the alienated parent but rightfully cannot trust the alienating parent. This situation is terrible but I feel as if the children are at an age where they can understand their actions are wrong even if they have been encouraged by their mother. It’s horrible but no one ever promised you a perfect childhood.

    • david saint says

      lol so you concede the dad could have taken them out, but decided to go to Israel for business instead. smh get a clue, the dad is terrible!

      • Shelli says


    • Crystal says

      This was so sad to read. To think that a parent has that much hatred for the other parent is heartbreaking. I think this judge did what she believes is right and it is a step in the right direction for all parents that are fighting parental alienation. PA is rarely believed, confirmed, or addressed in the courts, so this is a step in the right direction.

      For those that are upset that the children are going to jail, they aren’t. The transcript clearly said that they are going to Mandy’s Place. The description is very clear….”For children ages birth to 18 who have been temporarily removed from their homes by the court due to parental neglect and abuse.
      Mandy’s Place houses 44 boys and girls, waiting to return to their family, go to foster care, be placed in Oakland County Children’s Village residential treatment, or at another agency.”

      They are not getting raped or abused. They are not being mistreated. They are being counseled and helped way more than if they were thrown into a foster home or ordered to mandatory counseling (which the mother would undo anyway).

      This is a difficult situation but hopefully some good will come of this.

  23. AlienatedToo says

    Most of the readers’ comments here reflect a deep but common misunderstanding of parental alienation. Jillian has it exactly right – in cases of extreme alienation, the only solution – unfortunately – is to remove the children from the family dysfunction so they can heal. The residential treatment facility can provide that separation from mother (and father). The father has probably gone through an extremely difficult five years and lesser men would have abandoned his kids to their abusive mother (yes, that’s what alienation is – abuse).

    • david saint says

      lol yea, im sure jailing them will do wonders…smh if anything, they will just resent the father even more! He flew to Israel instead of trying to get them out! You may think this is good for them, but i know kids that had something similar (forced relationship with alienated parent) and it just made it worse

  24. Emily Armstrong says

    Your children will never recover from being in a juvenile detention center. If they have not been raped or beaten up by now it will be a miracle. They are forever damaged because of the petty BS of three angry adults.
    The father, the mother and the insane judge are eternally responsible for creating three damaged young people.
    No amount of therapy will cure them of the injuruies done by this experience and the criminal environment you have placed them in.
    Your actions are unforgivable. You can never repent for your actions.

  25. Jillian says

    Unless you’ve presided over this case for years, had access to all the documents and arguments, met all the parties and had experience handling family divorce and custody disputes for many years, criticizing the judge’s decision is just foolhardly. We elect judges based upon experience, training and objectivity so trusting Judge Gorcyca here is probably the wisest thing to do. Let this family figure this out in court. Children’s village isn’t jail and if these kids are being “alienated” it’s the only choice the judge had. Giving the kids to dad would have been more traumatizing and they likely, according to the Judge presiding over all the facts, need to be separated, evaluated and deprogramed. It’s a sad situation all around but these things happen all the time in family court and you don’t hear about it. If the mom and her family & friends are responsible for bringing this private matter to the media, shame on them and, that alone, is a fairly good indication that this judge was right. The fact the children’s guardian ad litem’s (attorneys appointed by the court to represent the children) didn’t object either is another strong indicator the judge knows what she is doing.

  26. Saz says

    The judge in this case is clearly not fit for the bench but what shocks me most is the children’s fathers reaction.
    Even if everything Omer says about his wife is true he is not a father. I have read both the transcript and his interview piece in the observer. Omer did not speak up for his kids nor defend them when insulted by the judge. Omer allowed the judge to do this to his children and has done nothing to ensure their immediate release. Omer Tsimhoni left for two weeks leaving the kids alone as only he and a therapist was allowed to visit them. Omer knows his kids are still there and yet blames his wife rather than moving heaven and earth to get his children free and feeling safe.
    My father would rather i hated him and he never saw me again than see me in a place like that separated from my siblings. That is because he actually loves me. My fathers love would trump his hate for anyone. Omer Tsimhoni your hate for your wife is clearly stronger than your love for your children.

    • Tony Hawkmoon says

      Spot on. A good father would be urging his attorney to be getting his kids from behind bars, not blaming their mother for them being there. Omer Tsimhoni is a bad father.

    • laura owen says

      Exactly! This isn’t a story about the mother. This is a story about a judge who went well beyond her authority, and the father who let it happen. There are three children – the youngest being 9 years old – in juvenile detention and only their father has the authority to free them. Instead, he releases this statement? As a 20 year social worker, I know too well what happens to kids in detention. If any of them are harmed, it will be on the father and this judge.

      Tell me again how awful the mother is.

      • Joe R Barrow says

        Look at the court documents and the mother’s behaviors. She is the epitome of a disturbed parent who would rather see their children emotionally scarred than have them enjoy a loving relationship with their father–a man who hurt her feelings by divorcing her.
        The children are NOT in jail and the father did not abandon them. They are in a facility which helps children who can’t go home; going to the mother’s is out of the question–she continues to emotionally abuse them. Going to the father’s is not an option either because the children have been so programed to hate and fear the father that they would run away.
        All the facts in this case are out there now, including court documents, for you to make a well informed decision as to what is happening to these children. If you choose to remain married to your thoughts “good mom, bad dad” and base your decision on inaccurate and sensationalized news media reports then that’s your problem.
        Joe R Barrow

  27. Denise says

    Aaaaaaand if this man actually cared about his children, he’d do everything in his power to get them out of juvenile detention. He thinks they’ve been brainwashed? He doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong?

    It’s my understanding that the father can have these kids released. His kids “…have not objected to the ruling in question”? Well then, since the kids haven’t changed their minds and done exactly what he asked, that certainly means they deserve to be locked up. *eyeroll*

    And after they’ve been locked up, with their father doing absolutely nothing to help them, I’m sure they’ll be a lot more loving. #sarcasm

    This statement just proves he’s a selfish, self-important person. I was open to believing that this was all a horrible mistake caused by an acrimonious divorce. Now? I’m betting he’s exactly the abusive jerk his wife says he is.

  28. T Matthews says

    OK. Lets assume that the mother is not only grossly contributing to the situation, let’s go further in the argument and assume that the mother is engaging in Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome like behavior. How is it even possible a caring and loving father’ is tolerating his children in the custody of an Oakland County detention center? These kids are ONLY victims/pawns of a mentally desturbed parent. A child’s mind is not fully developed at these ages. The bar for their behavior is not that of an adult.
    The parent(s) should be locked up and denied freedom. A caring and loving father protects his offspring from trauma and harm. I have to think if Mr. Tsimhoni has his childrens best interest at heart he would take the high road and set aside his anger/frustration with the wife and do everything in his power to get his kids out of Childrens Village. EVERYTHING.

    • Tony Hawkmoon says

      “if Mr. Tsimhoni has his childrens best interest at heart he would take the high road and set aside his anger/frustration with the wife”

      His inability to do exactly that is why they’re divorcing in the first place!

    • Karl Hungus says

      A psychopathic woman in a black nightgown bangs her seafood mallet on her desk and orders three minor children to be kidnapped and placed into cages because they offended her by not maintaining a relationship with their father . . . and you think it’s the *parents* who are somehow at fault?

    • Joe R Barrow says

      They are NOT in jail. Google Children’s Village and then note that there is a facility (Mandy’s Place) to help children who have been neglected or being abused and can not go home.
      This is where you attack me for simply stating facts or dig your heels in your ignorance and wrong side of a tragic situation.

  29. Derek Turner says

    This statement is garbage–it doesn’t even really SAY anything. He accuses the ex-wife of lying, which is irrelevant because none of her claims are at issue — you can read the transcript of what actually happened in the courtroom to get the facts.

    If Omer Tsimhoni actually cared about his children, he would allow them to be released from lockup immediately.

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