OneRiot Using Real Time Ads for Real Time Money

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Real time web search engine OneRiot is ramping things up with a new monetization model: trending ads will now appear alongside trending topics, which are indicators of what’s currently hot on the web. The ability to monetize real time web content in this manner is somewhat expected from third party search tools such as OneRiot, especially as others wonder at the future of real time search and its ability to provide long-term value as a search tool.

The new trending ads will be associated with trending topics on a contextual level, changing along with what’s hot on the web. This is an interesting but sensible format, as it provides an immediate option for redirection in terms of what a consumer may want or need based on their level of interest with a given trending topic. For many trending ads, they may be beneficial as an associated resource, depending on what that trend is.

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It’s a model that many mobile applications use as well, incorporating associated ads based on their own content or content they provide access to. Some mobile ads have even been in the form of recommendations for mobile applications that address a topic or subject matter based on their current mobile actions or accessed web content. In many ways, it’s quite similar to what Google has been doing all along, though OneRiot’s format is wrapped in a real time blanket, appealing to the newness of web search evolution.

As real time search results are often heavily associated with the behavior of social media, the trending ads on OneRiot will likely be yet another reflection of consumer behavior. This will allow OneRiot to get a little consumer behavior research on its own fruition, with an appeal on the flipside for products and services that would like to benefit from being present as a trending ad.

The necessity of collecting consumer data around trending topics and ads will be ongoing, especially for OneRiot as it becomes a leader in the real time search space. Surrounding this necessity is the mountainous task of analyzing consumer behavior as it happens in real time. It will be an interesting study in online social sharing, giving great insight to any linking of trending topics and their associated ads. Turning this back into forms of improvement for the system will help feed OneRiot’s ultimate plans regarding the monetization of real time search results.

The matter of distributing trending ads is likely the next step in OneRiot’s plans to implement trending ads as a completely viable monetization option. Many have looked to online social networks for a way to run ads virally amongst users’ social connections, though the success rate of such initiatives is limiting and misaligned with the purposes of human behavior as it plays out in the digital realm.

Time will tell us if associating trending ads with trending topics is the best way in which to monetize real time search results, especially as we look to further contextualize real time search queries. On an individual and consumer level, real time search still has a ways to go, though the combining of trending topics and ads will offer additional glimpses into their effectiveness.