Orange County Seeks PR Agency and SEO Company

2016-04-01 by EPR Staff


The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) addresses ongoing transportation needs in Orange County. OCTA develops and implement transportation programs designed to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality. OCTA’s countywide bus system operates 76 routes, including local fixed route, community route, intracounty express, intercounty express and Stationlink Metrolink rail feeder service. Daily boardings average 160,000 on weekdays, 91,000 on Saturdays and 73,500 on Sundays.

Annual bus ridership over the past five years has declined by nearly 15 percent – and they seek to remedy that. As such, the organization is seeking a PR agency, and SEO company.

OCTA is looking for a firm that will assist OCTA in developing an innovative approach to generate interest and need to target via a number of scopes, including:

  • Marketing & Digital Marketing Campaign Development, Management and Optimization
  • Email, social media, and mobile marketing strategy development, implementation, and optimization
  • Online and traditional media planning, buying and optimization
  • Ethnic marketing and translation (Hispanic and Asian)
  • Print and digital creative development, design/copywriting and production
  • Web, mobile app, and video design and production
  • Photography, collateral production, printing, distribution, and specialty printing
  • Production and implementation of on-street signage.

Goals and Objectives

The primary goals and objectives of the Bravo Route 560 Marketing is to:

  • Create awareness and positive perception of Bravo bus service,
  • Increase overall ridership within the route corridor,
  • Encourage trial and repeat use of the bus
  • Educate and inform potential new customers about how to ride bus transit in Orange County,
  • Communicate our messages in several languages based on demographics and specific targets, primarily English, Spanish, and Vietnamese
  • Improve customer awareness of services and satisfaction levels.


  • Marketing & Digital Marketing Campaign Development, Management and Optimization The campaign includes components to aid in driving traffic, building brand awareness, and increase ridership:
  1. Campaign goals development and effectiveness tracking
  2. Identifying target audiences and providing insight to customer behavior
  3. Developing key campaign messaging and potential offers for campaign success
  4. Developing strategy for reaching and engaging target audiences
  5. Developing mixed media campaign consisting of traditional and online media
  • Email, Social Media and Mobile Marketing Strategy Development, Implementation and Optimization

Research, develop and propose new and innovative digital marketing strategies and tactics through email, social media, and/or mobile to help OCTA retain current customers and acquire new customers. Execute a successful agile marketing plan to improve performance and Return on Investment (ROI). Provide systematic solution to implement, manage and optimize social media platforms as well as analytics to maximize public interaction and engagement.

  • Online and Traditional Media Planning, Buying and Optimization

Understand where target audiences live online and offline, develop a flexible and high- quality media plan for each campaign to include targeting endemic and broad reach sites/media as well as niche media/sites with loyal and passionate followings to engage potential customers in a clutter-free, relevant environment. Online media buying and optimization systems and technology are also required to provide real-time analytics data for refining campaign and discover insights to maximize ROI. In addition to this contract, OCTA has some reserved funds for direct media buy.

  • Ethnic Marketing and Translation (Hispanic and Asian)

Research, develop and implement marketing programs targeting specific ethnic markets. Develop media plans that understand where ethnic target audiences live online and offline to meet ridership and sales goals. Provide translation services for target markets, to include Spanish, and Vietnamese, as well as other languages per the request of OCTA.

  • Print and Digital Creative Development, Design, Copywriting and Production

Create strategic and innovative design theme and message that resonate with campaign target audiences in both online and print formats. Be able to respond quickly to execute creative development through design, copywriting, and production in a timely manner to meet the project deadlines.

  • Video Production

Produce campaign videos for digital and television viewing, to include treatments, script development, casting, filming (using professional equipment and post production), editing, sound mixing, musical scoring and titling, as well as delivery of working files and full- resolution final cuts.

  • Photography

Provide original photography services to support approved marketing plans to showcase OCTA’s products and services in a favorable and imaginative way. Photography support should include selection and management of paid models, the ability to provide studio shots on seamless, interior building and/or bus shots including people and location shots showcasing various buses. Buses will either be static or moving.

Proposals must be received in the Authority’s office by April 4, 2016 to:

Orange County Transportation Authority

Contracts Administration and Materials Management

600 South Main Street, 4th Floor

Orange, California 92868

Attention:    Donald Herrera, Contract Administrator