Paris Shows Her Marilyn Monroe Side – The One She Wishes She Had

paris hilton shows her marilyn monroe side everything-prParis Hilton and Marilyn Monroe. Regardless of how much Paris would like to be her, are there really any similarities? As PR people, outside the need for some to engage in publicity stunts, could there be a worse PR nightmare than Hilton?

Recently Hilton took the paparazzi on a tour of her home, revealing a little of the “behind the scenes” of one of the most publicized celebrities out there. If jail time, nudity, voracious behavior, the monied mediocrity, and “tacky to a flaw” characteristics were not enough, Paris may just be a sign of the time.

I will leave to the reader, the question of Paris’ longevity and her quest to become her supposed idol (Marilyn). But for her publicist I can only sympathize or cheer, depending on that agent’s place in the virtual life streaming (on and offline) of this person.

The video below pretty much sums up Hilton’s path to greatness, at least in as far as narcissism is concerned.

If celebrity, self aggrandizement, self promotion and “raw” publicity were the quintessential building blocs of the kind of “legend” someone like Marilyn Monroe’s legacy is made of, then this writer can think of several better heiresses to that throne. In the beauty and talent department, perhaps Madonna would supplant Paris if she were not a little older and less in the limelight these days.

The problem Paris faces, in her quest to become a legend, is that no apparent talent of any kind has emerged that would solidify her place in celebrity history. Perhaps she will exhibit some soon. If nothing else, Paris and her publicity people can provide and example of how to market mediocrity in looks and talent for the right price.

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