Perry Communications Group: Agency Profile


Founded in 1996, Perry Communications Group (PCG) has leveraged an all-star team to churn-out award-winning campaigns for nonprofit and corporate clients. Led by Kassy Perry, PCG has thrived as an agency that galvanizes change in the social, legislative, and regulatory spaces.

Under the direction of an award-winning journalist, the Sacramento-based agency leads major initiatives in the entertainment, environmental, energy, and healthcare industries. The agency also leads the way when it comes to initiatives in mental health, ongoing care, public health, and senior living communities.

With PCG being recognized on various fronts, learning more about this agency is key.

PCGs Leadership

Kassy Perry, CEO & President

Being a force on her own and a shrewd strategic thinker, Perry stole the limelight by allowing her colonoscopy to be televised nationally. This was in an attempt to raise awareness towards colon cancer screening. By combining unconventional and proven approaches in her campaigns, Perry brings monumental attention to her clients’ causes.

For her exceptional work, Perry was honored with a lifetime Achievement Award by the Sacramento Public Relations Association. As well, the CEO has earned more than 75 awards for her unmatched contribution to the PR and communications space. Notable recognitions include receiving Capitol Weekly’s “100 Most Powerful Political Players in California” five times in the past nine years. Further recognition came from the California State Assembly and Senate.

Having served as broadcaster, state legislator, chief consultant for a legislative policy committee, and advisor to three California governors, Perry brings unique perspectives to  PR and strategic communication. Thanks to Perry’s outstanding contribution at PCG, the CEO serves as a board member on the San Joaquin Valley Health Care Foundation, Legacy Health Endowment, California’s Jack Russell Rescue, and Capitol Weekly

Julia Spiess Lewis, Senior Vice President

As an experienced issues-management expert, Julia brings a wealth of experience and skill in smart strategy development and seamless implementation of game-changing projects. Thanks to Spiess’ innate ability to grasp and prioritize key information, PCG’s senior vice-president can identify key factors important to a campaign. This allows her to develop mind blowing campaigns for corporate and nonprofit clients

The senior vice president’s achievements include: serving as a media strategist for the “Save Our State Parks” campaign, which was run for the California State Parks Foundation. The “Save Our State Parks” campaign generated unrivaled media attention, putting public pressure on the governor to protect California’s parks.

At the same time, Spiess spearheaded the “We Stand With Seniors” campaign for West Health Company and developed the “Why Travel Matters” public affairs program for Visit California. She achieved success for both clients while additionally leading highly successful community relations activities for Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation. The foundation promotes lung cancer awareness and resources for patient support and research.

Thanks to her expertise, Spiess has secured senior advisor positions in many consumer advocacy groups. Spiess has also served on the boards of the International Association of Business Communicators’ Sacramento Chapter (IABC Sacramento) and the California Women Lead’s Sacramento Chapter.

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