Podcasting for profit

Podcasts help brands reach a target audience. Audio content consumption and podcasting have become increasingly popular over the years. The convenience of listening to podcasts also plays a major role in its popularity. People can listen to podcasts in the gym while exercising, commuting to work, or while travelling. The growth potential of podcasts as a marketing tool is huge. Podcasts resonate with consumers and there are a few ways how and why they can be used to create a relationship between a brand and consumers.

1)      Fewer barriers-  Podcasts can be made from studios, homes or even from the streets. Very little money is needed as an investment. Anyone with a laptop, a computer, microphone and free editing software can start a podcast. There is also a profusion of training available online to help begin podcast endeavors.

2)      Audience is priority- A business can put a podcast on various platforms like Google Play, Spotify, iTunes and Apple Podcasts. It is important to have a firm understanding of the needs of the audience. Empathy is crucial and the audience should get what they are seeking step-by-step. Real-world examples of the content can be provided.

3)      Consistency – Consistency will lead to engagement. The audience will grow to trust the reliability of the podcast. Some people even build their routines around a podcast. The 1619 Project has been extremely popular as a podcast. The series gives new context to the complicated legacy of slavery in United States. The story is told through essay-like observations.

4)      Versatility – With the rise of competition it is important to step up the game to the master level. To bring streaming audio to new listeners, it is helpful to introduce a host of topics in line with the interests of the audience. The format can be long or short. There can be a solo presenter or a team. There can be guests too. The content can motivate, entertain, inform or educate.

5)      Declutter the title – Keyword phrases in the title would be helpful. For instance, if the host is a real estate agent helping investors buy or sell foreclosures, then the title could just be ‘The Real Estate and Foreclosure Podcast’. This would also help the podcast to rank a little higher in Google search.

6)      Remove the blah – Gibberish like ‘umms’ can distract the audience from the message and can cause them to tune out. With the primary goal being clear communication, any sort of hindrance is unwanted . Since it is valuable for a business to get its message to the audience, it is important to keep things to the point.

7)      The importance of identity- Like any other marketing medium, to make an impact, a podcast needs its own distinctive identity. Having a community built around the podcast would be an effective way to accomplish this. Some factors to take into consideration include  a name, a visual identity, a description, and a website dedicated to the podcast. The description will enhance the visibility of the podcast. Cornell Cooperative Extension’s “ Extension Out Loud” helps youth to think about their long-term personal goals and identify their why in programs such as 4-H. The youth actively seek out this podcast as it creates a ‘Safe space’ for them while they listen.

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