Gossip News from the Elite: Pope Benedict Breaks Wrist

pope benedict

Pope Benedict broke his wrist, we are sorry, and we hope he gets better soon, but is this the biggest news in the world? What’s next? When the world struggles between famine and war, the media chooses to put in front of the readers titles like these, that make us wonder: do they really think we are that stupid?

A PR colleague, Sasha Muradali, asked the same question, in an in-depth analysis of the current media-coverage trends “Questioning the Journalistic Obsession of a Gawking Kind

I will quote from her article exactly the part that the media fails to understand:

News is what is happening, it is what directly affects our survival or that of the people around us and it is what is happening in the world.

Gossip, is not news. Gossip is in the same family with Yellow Journalism, and guess what? That time has passed…over 80-years ago.

How is the Pope’s broken wrist affecting our lives is the question? Why is this news and covered on Reuters, Bloomberg, Associated Press, New York Times, CNN, Times Online and the like?

I cannot find the words to express how much this infuriates me. Sometimes, I am ashamed to mention that I used to be a journalist; for fear that I will be compared to the masquerading media representatives of today.

Clearly the publications enumerated above, and many others, are disappointing.

If the Pope breaking his wrist were the only news of the day, than it would make sense for every newspaper in the world to relate it. As it is, perhaps only the Vatican should have covered it, and maybe a few other religious publications.

In the meanwhile, why is there no news about the people who are dying of hunger in Uganda?

I am very sorry to hear that the Holly Father is injured, honest to God, I am. But there are other things in this world that are more important, news that are ignored by the media because they are not as “hot” as the news of the Pontiff undergoing minor wrist surgery!


  1. says

    Very smart article. Love it.
    Thanks for quoting the Pink Book, it is much appreciated.

    I saw this one the news this morning too. A lot of news stations have actually stopped covering the Iran election coverage, which is very sad because there is a still a lot of turmoil going on over there.

    On a side note, my last name is Muradali :) Halima is my middle name.

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