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In line with covering all things PR, we simply cannot present on the best practices, firms and news. In an effort to balance the scales and cover the full spectrum, we have to show you the down side of PR as well . For today, we did not have to scour the Web to find an appropriate loser for the “PR Goofs” category. We hope our readers can use this tidbit for comparative corporate strategy.

A firm by the name of Nightingale Public Relations fairly betrayed the faithful and perhaps sealed is doom credibility wise, by selling out the profession in a DVD DIY debacle. In collaboration with the creator of “TV Publicity Secrets” (see screenshot below), Sanyika Calloway Boyce, Nightingale is offering up their highly coveted (guffaw) PR secrets to clients who cannot afford professional – uh, I mean traditional help getting media exposure.

Ode To PR Suicide

I hate to be too cruel, but after watching startup companies handle their own PR for several years, and knowing the most likely result of this, it is almost unimaginable that a viable PR firm would go “Wal-mart” in offering any service. This obviously sends a message to potential clients of Nightingale, in that the company is either desperate, or that they simply know no better. I past for your appreciation the following jingle from Sanyika’s landing page:

“Yes, Now You Can Get Millions of Dollars In Television Publicity and Tons of
Media Exposure to Promote Your Message, Book, Business, and Brand.”

I do not think Nightingale actually has a Website, and considering the quality of the Media Secrets one, I am not sure they want one. To give credit where credit is due, a search for Nightingale reveals 10 out of 10 on Google for Sanyika. Considering the narrow focus of the search, awesome SEO expertise cannot be defined. One thing is clear however, given the number of hits, Nightingale will never live this down.


The Power of Association

Companies have to be careful of their associations. Whether on they are on giving or receiving end of good PR, anyone reaching the public eye cannot afford to be un-credible. For companies dealing online, one of the worst turn offs and business killers is to be associated with sites or even pages of the kind seen here. This is Web 1.0, hard line sales, and of the lowest possible believability. The days of hard selling, loud and ad heavy marketing are nearly over. As for Nightingale, this writer thinks they should hang it up after receiving our “PR Goofs Award” for January 10, 2009.

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