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Bonobos PR: The Ultimate DIY

2009-09-19 by EPR Staff
Bonobos Marketing

Bonobos (of men's clothing fame, not the monkey) has several current public relations campaigns going, but what many people don't realize is that the clothing company is doing it all on their own. They believe thoroughly in the power of interacting directly with their clients and use social media to do just that. In fact, they are using their marketing campaigns not only to draw more attention to the clothing brand, but also to gain information that will help them sell their products better. It's a tactic that more businesses should consider. "We're including our customers in the conversation about... Read More >

So What Exactly Is Public Relations?

2009-01-24 by EPR Staff
pr firms

EverythingPR reviews communications and marketing trends used by various web start-ups, public relations companies as well as highlights the services they provide for the purpose of promoting them. We also talk about Public Relations Goofs and highlight what NOT to do. But all of this material can be daunting for the beginners who might just be starting out in this enormous field called public relations. If you have ever felt overwhelmed by all the different things that have been published at the speed of light in the last few weeks since the site was started, and are looking to get... Read More >

Environics Communications: Launches Sustainability and Clean Energy

2009-01-07 by EPR Staff
Environics Communications

North American public relations agency Environics Communications has launched a new practice. Sustainability and Clean Energy practice will be led by Frank Walter. The practice will provide public relations counsel to environment aware customers who market alternative sources of clean energy for consumers and industry. Clients list includes CSA International, Electric Drive Transportation Association, Chevrolet Volt electric car, Xerox and many others. The agency has worked intensively with companies and nonprofits on recycling and packaging programs; foresting and wildlife preservation; wind energy, alternative energy sources; sustainable energy planning; and clean technology programs. Last but not least, Environics was the first... Read More >

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