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Ruder Finn Asia Receives Top Marketing Rankings in China

Ruder Finn Public Relations

The R3 Worldwide China 2017 PR Scope Research gave Ruder Finn four rankings in the Number One slots. Ruder has moved from receiving fourth and second place ratings in 2015, proving their exemplary efforts in media relations and client services. Their four #1 rank came in “Positive Contribution to Business Growth,” “Transparent Financial System,” “Clear Project Management,” and “Social Buzz and Crisis Management.” These were backed by cost breakdown for clients, milestones, follow-ups, and detailed project timelines.

R3 China’s Managing Director, Sabrina Lee, said: “We surveyed 155 client-side marketers who make decisions on hiring and managing public relations firms throughout China. Ruder Finn China earned outstanding reviews among these marketers and scored highly among the added-value categories in our survey. Ruder Finn ranked highly with clients in categories that evaluated measurable business impact, creativity, transparency, and effectiveness. Regardless of size, no firm has matched Ruder Finn in terms of client satisfaction and endorsement in our survey. Ruder Finn continues to grow its footprint in China through client awareness and engagement, and we believe that 2017 will be another milestone year for the agency.”

Ketchum Midwest Partner/Director, Kelley Skoloda Leaving after 30 Years

Kelley Skoloda is leaving Ketchum after almost 30 years with the company, saying: “My near 30-year career at Ketchum has come full circle – had lunch yesterday with the great man who hired me. Gerald Voros, former global president of Ketchum Communications. I could not think of a better way to end this chapter and am looking forward to my next career adventure.” She also said that she’s going to take some time to decide what that next adventure will be.

Skoloda has been at Ketchum since 1987. Recently she’s been working on working with clients regarding marketing to moms and women – since 2015. Prior to that position, she served as Ketchum Midwest’s global brand marketing practice director and partner.

Founder of Golin, Al Golin, dead at 87

Al Golin died from cancer in Scottsdale, AZ, on April 8th at his home. Aside from being the founder of Golin, one of the top independent PR agencies globally with annual revenue of $200 million, and more than 1,200 employees, he built his empire on one of the most famous cold calls of all time. He called Ray Kroc when McDonald’s was in its infancy … at the time, Kroc was still reinvesting all of his salary back into building the company/brand. But Golin convinced him, rightly, that a $500 PR retainer per month would be one of the best investments he could make. Prior to founding his firm, Golin worked at Max Cooper & Associates.

Later Golin brought in other global clients such as Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart, and Toyota. Later, when McDonald’s decided to form their charity for children battling illness and their families, Golin became known in the industry as the King of cause-related marketing. He worked with both the Ronald McDonald House Charities and was a sponsor for the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethons. According to Shelby Yastrow, former general counsel for McDonald’s, “His importance to the success of McDonald’s could never be overstated.”

Ashley Stewart, Plus-Size Lifestyle Brand, Brings 5WPR on for PR Representation

One of the 15 largest independently owned PR firms, 5WPR has just become the agency of record for Ashley Stewart, a plus-sized fashion and lifestyle brand. 5WPR has been tasked with the brand’s social media-driven communications execution and innovation efforts. They will help move the brand up the success ladder to become a multi-channel, multi-media commercial brand through cutting-edge social media positioning. Ashley Stewart was founded in 1991 and now has 90 storefronts in the US as well as a commercial website.

James Rhee, CEO and Executive Chairman of Ashley Stewart, said: “5W has distinguished itself as a full-service communications partner with an innovative, out-of-the-box way of thinking. As Ashley Stewart looks toward the future, we are confident that with 5W at our side, we’ll amplify our brand’s position and strengthen our connection with the media and consumers.”

FleishmanHillard Becomes AOR for Cathay Pacific’s PR

Cathay Pacific, an aviation company out of Australia just finished an RFP with four main competitors and chose FleishmanHillard’s office in the Southwest Pacific. Cathay was previously represented by D’arcy Partnership, who decided not to participate in the recent RFP process. Fleishman will be in charge of Cathay’s crisis and issues management, as well as the airline’s brand campaigns.

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