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2016-11-03 by Jason Tannahill

SAG-AFTRA Claims Singer Associates Are Using Their Name Without Consent

SAG-AFTRA Claims Singer Associates Are Using Their Name Without Consent

SAG-AFTRA is not happy that Singer Associates have used their name in a website domain and a Twitter account to mislead the public that their union is connected to 11 video games the PR firm represents. Last week they sent a letter that and @SAGAFTRAVGames have no affiliation with the guild and no consent has been given to use their name for such purposes and that doing so confuses the issues while the union is currently on strike. Ray Rodriguez, SAG-AFTRA’s negotiator, issued a statement saying: “Management has a responsibility to negotiate in good faith. We could be making actual progress on the crucial economic, health and safety issues that led to this strike rather than having ‘Top Gun for Hire’ crisis PR advisors setting up misleading websites in an attempt to confuse people.”

Trump Was Right Last August About Anthony Weiner as He Left MWWPR

The Daily Mail recently reminded the world that a year ago Anthony Weiner was asked to step down from his work at MWWPR. That happened after the Clinton campaign banned him from attendance at a benefit thrown by MWWPR’s top executives, even though he was still married at that time to Huma Abedin — Vice Chairwoman of Clinton’s 2016 campaign. In an August 2015 tweet, Trump declared that Abedin was taking home secrets and sharing them with her husband and that he was likely to be the cause of Hillary’s political demise. Weiner, at least so far, hasn’t spoken out against Clinton, but he could still play a huge role in her downfall. The FBI investigation into Weiner turned up new emails from Hillary’s time as Secretary of State, probably some of the emails the Clinton people tried so hard to scrub from all electronics. Oops. Looks like Weiner’s shown more than his private parts.

New Reputation Management Unit Created at Ruder Finn

Ruder Finn has established a new global reputation and risk management unit for their firm. The unit will focus on risk, crisis, leadership, public strategy, and support for the agencies’ teams worldwide. Their efforts will be directed toward improving intelligence, predictive analytics, response, and preparedness as core capabilities. The new unit will function primarily out of their London, Hong Kong and New York offices with Charles Lankester in charge. Lankester has received a promotion to executive VP of global reputation and risk management, working out of the Hong Kong office. He’s been with the agency since 2014 in their Asia-Pacific area, but before that he worked at Edelman and Weber Shandwick, also in the greater Asia-Pacific area, in crisis and risk management. Lankester will be assisted by Christine Dusek and Robin Grainger overseeing the U.S. and European divisions, respectively.

Arielle Bernstein Pinsof Joins Finn Partners

Finn Partners has added a new partner in Arielle Bernstein Pinsof. She brings expertise garnered from work at Makovsky + Company as VP of health practices. She started as an account executive at Makovsky in 2005, working her way up the ranks. Prior to her work in PR, she worked at the University of Chicago as a research manager in their Biological Sciences department. Pinsof will work out of the Chicago office for Finn Partners reporting to Dan Pooley, the managing partner of the Midwest division, and the health practice senior partner, Kristie Kuhl.

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