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Avoiding a PR Crisis Amid New Pandemic Guidelines

2021-06-01 by EPR Staff

The CDC recently announced a new set of mask guidelines , stating that anyone who’s fully vaccinated against Covid-19 is no longer required to wear a mask in most places. The announcement has created yet another layer of complexity to the current global health situation.  This is especially true considering how many of the previous announcements and recommendations have created political divisions and public controversies. The newest announcement has also created potentially challenging crisis situations for companies that have to handle these events on their own the best they can. Even President Biden made it clear that people should be... Read More >


2021-05-28 by EPR Staff

As leaders and representatives entrusted with strengthening Duluth’s future, we’re seeking marketing partners to help bring our new vision for Duluth to life. Duluth, Minnesota, is a popular travel destination attracting visitors from all parts of the world. The City of Duluth (City) is excited to share our unique culture, attractions, and adventures with tourists and is seeking responses from organizations with proven expertise in tourism marketing. As a city, we have an endless amount of compelling stories to share. We are looking for partners that can help us transform our stories into sophisticated marketing strategies, inspiring target audiences to... Read More >

Designated Market Area: What It Is and What Its Impact Is

2021-05-28 by EPR Staff

Designated market areas (DMAs) refer to the geographic areas within which a population receives similar radio, television, and broadcast channels.DMAs are also referred to as media markets, broadcast markets, or TV markets. Sometimes DMAs also apply to recipients of online and newspaper content.  Often DMAs are ranked based on the population size in a region. This ranking method means that designated market areas can include cities, metropolitan areas, or mixed regions. When used by market researchers, DMAs reveal info about audience demographics and the products they consume—new shows, radio programs, etc.  While the internet has changed the way firms employ... Read More >

Crisis Communication During Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout

2021-05-27 by EPR Staff

When it comes to the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines, communicators everywhere face a very critical situation to get the narrative right. Last month, when the FDA and CDC announced that there would be a temporary pause on the administration of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and people were rightly confused. After a few reports of “rare and severe” blood clots appeared in people who received the specific vaccine and the announcement came after nearly 7 million doses were administered. Once the reports were released the company Johnson & Johnson also released a statement about the newfound developments, using phrases... Read More >

Marketing RFP Issued By El Paso Independent School District

2021-05-23 by EPR Staff

EPISD is seeking a qualified companies to assist with Advertising and Marketing Services to promote the District's instructional and extracurricular programs, strategic plan, and other initiatives with the primary objective of branding and promoting the recruitment of teachers/talent and students. Background: Located in El Paso, Texas, the El Paso Independent School District is the largest district in the Texas Education Agency's Educational Service Center - Region 19. With nearly 58,000 students in 89 campuses, EPISD also is the 12th largest district in Texas and the 61st largest district in the United States. It also is El Paso's largest employer with nearly... Read More >

Public Relations/Communication Services Rfp Issued In Missoula

2021-05-21 by EPR Staff

Missoula County is developing a list of qualified firms to provide a variety of communications services to the County on an as-needed basis and to augment its in-house efforts intermittently. Firms are encouraged to submit proposals on all or part of the services listed below. Missoula County (County) is committed to providing thorough, accurate and timely public information for the general public and the news media. Missoula County’s Communications Office and the communications specialists on staff convey information through the County website, press releases and contacts, public meetings and open houses, e-mail and e-mail lists, subscription services through the County... Read More >

Brands Seeking New Agencies

2021-05-19 by EPR Staff

Just as eharmony and are to singles looking for partners, Setup helps brands seeking the right marketing agencies. In its recently-released survey of more than 300 marketers representing brands and agencies, Setup found that 30% of respondents said they were likely to switch agencies within the next six months. This is the third such annual survey the Atlanta-based company has conducted. Pandemic Effects Setup’s conclusion from this last survey is that the pandemic has helped speed along assessments of which brand-agency relationships were and weren’t working. Although the sampling was small, many large brands and agencies were queried. Brands included IBM,... Read More >


2021-05-17 by EPR Staff

The Company Is Focused On Creating The Best Vaporizers On Earth & Since 2013, Has Been A Dominant Driver In Cannabis Innovation; Client Joins Growing VirgoPR Cannabis Practice Virgo PR, a New York PR agency that creates campaigns that delights audiences and attracts their attention, has been appointed Public Relations Agency of Record for Dr. Dabber, Dr. Dabber: The #1 Online Store for vape pens, wax pens, and dab pens.  Since 2013, Dr. Dabber has been a dominant driver in cannabis innovation, introducing the first low-heat wax pen with the Ghost, revolutionizing the vaporizer pen industry almost overnight and winning our... Read More >

Veeam Software Possesses Swiss Roots, New US-ownership, and a Head in the Cloud

2021-05-10 by EPR Staff
veeam logo 1

Data security and privacy are essential to run any successful business in today's digital age. Yet, how do we know if our business's data is safe? Complicated processes like on-demand cloud migration, immutability, reliable and consistent backups, workload management, data recovery, and security tool services are all pieces of the Modern Data Protection pie that the right professionals can handle with ease. Collaborating with a leading backup and replication software company is a crucial undertaking that helps you keep current with the safety trends in the market and ensure you have the very best solutions protecting your environment.  The Solution... Read More >

Google versus Facebook or…?

2021-05-05 by EPR Staff

In considering paid media, it can be understandably difficult for some advertisers to decide between using Google or Facebook since both have large followings and also bring with them the power of their affiliates. Google has YouTube, the second-highest trafficked global site, in its corner. Facebook, on the other hand, has Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp behind it. For small and medium-sized businesses trying to choose between Facebook and Google ads, Facebook may be the best. But when it comes down to Microsoft advertising and Google ads, Google wins out. These were the results of a recent survey partnership between... Read More >

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