PR Professionals with Close Connections To The Trump White House

2018-04-06 by JamesD


PR Professionals with Close Connections To The Trump White House

In the PR world, there are a handful of public relations professionals with close ties to the Trump White House. Individuals who work closely with the White House communications team are often regarded as some of the most prominent PR professionals in the world – and they’re also some of the most visible figures in global and American media. PR Professionals in the political world aren’t just there to help advocate for their clients in an often-controversial world – they also offer advice and insights on how people can build brands in today’s socially-driven world.

Here are a handful of PR professionals that have had an impact on the political sphere we know today, through their expertise in PR:

Michael McKeon:

Recently approached to join the legal team of Senior White House Official, Jared Kushner, Michael McKeon is a man with significant history in the political PR landscape. As a partner of his own firm “Mercury” PR, Michael has experience in crisis communications, and was the executive director of Republicans for Governor Andrew Cuomo.  McKeon was also featured on the City & State Albany power list 100 in 2014 and 2015, as well as the top 40 list published by the Observer in Albany. In the past, McKeon has worked as director of communications for the New York Governor, and was appointed to the panel of judges for the World Trade Center memorial competition.

Mike Dubke:

Mike Dubke is another PR expert who chose to resign from his role as a political aide to the President in 2017 for personal reasons. Michael Dubke was the white house communications director until the second of June in 2017, and before that, he had been working in political affairs ever since the 1980s. Dubke also founded Crossroads Media. As an expert in the world of politics for almost three decades, Mike Dubke knows a thing or two about interacting with the White House. Though Dubke was only working alongside the president for a short amount of time, he still managed to demonstrate his expertise before he handed the role of acting director over to Sean Spicer.

Sean Spicer:

Sean Michael Spicer was a political aide serving as White House Press Secretary and acting as the director of the Republican National Committee between the years of 2011 and 2017. During his time as a press secretary with the White House, Spicer made a name for himself as a controversial PR figure. Before he joined the White House team, Spicer started his career in the political world, working on the political campaigns of representatives like Frank LoBiondo, Mark Foley, and Mike Pappas. Spicer announced his resignation from the White House in July 2017, but remained working with the president in an unofficial capacity until August.

Ronn Torossian:

The founder of 5W Public Relations is clearly very well connected to many associated with this White House, including representation of former President Trump partner, Felix Sater, work for the Eric Trump Foundation, representation of other members of team Trump such as Jay Sekulow, work for former Ivanka Trump partner Moshe Lax and many others.  Torossian is also a native NY’er and as a leader of the Republican Jewish Coalition is likely to have close ties with with President Trump personally.  Torossian’s agency has a diverse client list, and he is known as a passionate PR professional with years of experience working with even the most complex of clients. Over the years, he’s made a name for himself with his attention-to-detail and creative PR strategies.  Torossian prides himself on getting to the truth for his clients and preserving their reputation despite negative public backlash. Torossian’s work has led people including Josh Barro a Senior Editor at Business Insider and MSNBC contributor to recently note “Frankly it’s amazing Ronn Torossian isn’t the new Communications Director for the White House.”