5 Ridiculous Things PR Pros Should Stop Doing

5 Ridic Things PR Pros Should Stop Doing everything-pr

There are many things you’ll do wrong and learn from during your PR career, let us save you a few steps with these behaviors to avoid.

relationship building everything-pr

Ignoring Relationship Building

This applies to every group of people you deal with in your job. Don’t think just saying or writing something is going to get the results you want. Sending out a press release or information about your client’s event will probably land the information in the trash can. Bringing a new client on board has the same challenges. That’s because you haven’t created a relationship of trust and understanding before sending information. Without the relationship, you are basically just another person trying to sell them something. With a relationship, your information turns into part of an ongoing conversation with someone you care about and respect. With one, they listen, with the other, they ignore you.

Calendar with Deadline Circled

Shorting out Over too Short of Deadlines

PR often has fast turnaround times. But not everyone can respond to rapid requests for information or approval immediately. Save yourself a lot of stress by allowing more time. Start early when other people’s help is necessary and give ample warning of your deadlines. Don’t wear people out asking constantly for them to put your projects ahead of other items on their agenda. People might begin to resist and actively delay responding to your requests. Give them plenty of time, make their side of things as easy as possible and don’t keep asking several times a day for an update. If you’ve given them a three-day time frame, then check back with them the day before as a quick courtesy reminder. Trust them to be as professional as you.

ignoring the numbers

Ignoring the Numbers

You’re a creative type, and most creatives prefer to steer clear of numbers and finances as much as possible. Don’t be that person. Think of it this way, if all the other creatives slack away from numbers, you’ve just set yourself apart. And those numbers are vital for analysis, budgeting, and recognizing when your work is successful or when it needs some tweaking.

playing it safe everything-pr

Playing it Safe / No Mistakes

Yes, we know you’ve heard it before. “Fail your way to success” has become a catchphrase. But admit it, you are not sure you believe it. And, well, failing makes you look a bit foolish, doesn’t it? It might, at least for a short time or if you keep making the same silly choices that land you on the seat of your pants. But none of us is perfect and not failing means you are also not taking necessary chances. Get out of that rut, take calculated chances that have a possibility of success and are tied to what you want and need to learn. Life really is an adventure, and if you haven’t fallen a lot, you aren’t doing it right.

work life balance Everything-pr

Ignoring the Work-Life Balance

Time goes by very quickly and though you may think you have all the time in the world now, we promise, if you haven’t taken other areas of your life seriously too, you’ll burn out. Unfortunately, you may also burn out without anyone else in your life to commiserate with you. But it’s about more than that. Taking time away allows you to recharge your energy, your creativity, your ability to function joyfully, and more effectively in your life and your job. Sometimes you are going to have rough weeks when the deadlines are relentless, that’s okay. Just don’t let it continue for months. It’s not worth it.

Pick one of these to start improving upon today and build a better tomorrow!

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